A Job well Done…

We live in an area surrounded by oak trees and pine trees.  The ice storm a couple of weeks ago brought down several pine branches which were hauled away last week.

This week hubby and I started yard work.  He went and mowed the first of the weeds  at the beginning of the week.  I said weeds, as the grass is still dormant, but the weeds are tenacious and they pop up quickly.  We raked some leftover pine needles and boughs and swept the front of the house gutters and the driveway.  We were pleased at our work.

By Thursday, however, we looked outside once more and realized there was still much to do.  Yesterday we dodged cold rain spurts and started raking the leaves in the back and side yards.  We finished raking late yesterday afternoon.  The yard looked better with several piles of leaves resting along the yard.  We bagged some of the piles and the rest we left for today.

This morning I started raking the piles together while hubby started to burn them.  I know this is controversial, but it is a something that is done here in our area.  The southern California part of me was hesitant at first.  But, soon, our roots started to show.  After all, we are from hearty stock of Pennsylvania and there we burn debris.

So, with hose on the ready we had a small bonfire in our backyard.  The fire mound was never higher than two feet in height and the flames were never high at all.  After three hours we are back inside.  The ash is in the ash can cooling.  The site of the fire is standing in water and mud.  The backyard looks wonderful.  And, hubby and I?  We are a bit tired.  But waiting for part two today when a neighbor is coming over to help remove a fallen tree that has been there since we moved.

Hubby still cannot do much with his shoulder and so it has been an adventure of care and caution for us.  We are a good team in yard work though, and I know that this evening we will crawl into our seats and sit not wanting to move a muscle!

The weather is beautiful today and it feels like spring here.  We are ready for the next season, the yard is clear and we can see the grass waking up and turning green.  Hope you have a touch of spring where you are today.  DAF


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8 thoughts on “A Job well Done…

  1. Glimpses of it here and there in the lighter evenings and brighter skies. Fingers crossed it’s just around the corner without too many more false alarms. 😉 x

  2. Took the dog for his walk this morning in a long sleeved shirt. Thought I need to change as it was too warm. This afternoon took the dog for a walk in a sweatshirt, and it was chilly. Just took the dog out for his last long walk and had gloves, hat, scarf and light jacket on, it was cold. The last time he heads out I am pulling out my winter coat. Was 70 today and is now in the 30’s. Yep, spring isn’t here yet…

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