There’s a spiritual lesson in there somewhere…

I try to find lessons in all areas of my life.  I think I have done this most of my adult life.  I have learned things cleaning a toilet.  I try to see things from how I think the Lord would talk to me.  I guess that means in parables, or stories.    I have aContinue reading “There’s a spiritual lesson in there somewhere…”

Litte Man Lessons

It’s been a while since I wrote about a lesson I have learned from Little Man.  Little Man is truly a little man now, at three years old, he is no longer baby or toddler, but a boy.  A boy Pinocchio would have been envious of. The other day I went on Facebook to seeContinue reading “Litte Man Lessons”


I know I have already written a post for today, but since the last time I wrote before this afternoon was September 10th, I figure one more post is not going to shatter world records. I previously wrote about going to the home where I grew up as an adult.  It has not been a destinationContinue reading “Cousins….”

Being Uneasy…

There is a conversation from the movie, “While You Were Sleeping” that I often think of.  The conversation is between the late Peter Boyle’s character and Bill Pullman’s character.  It goes like this: Peter Boyle: “Life is a pain in the ass. l´ll tell ya. You know?  You work hard, try to provide for theContinue reading “Being Uneasy…”

Love and High School Friends.

When Little Man’s Momma was in high school, she had two very close friends.  The three of them were together through the last couple of  years of high school.  They would go to the dances together, spend weekends together, spend summers together.  They were fun and truly were three amigos. During the summer before theirContinue reading “Love and High School Friends.”

In the Midst of Winter…

I have skirted around winter topics all month-long.  One thing I have thought of and was hesitant to write about is the winter of our lives. As I read several blogs today they talked about God’s perfect plan for our lives, about enduring through trials, about hope and trust in God.  I was encouraged by the words I read.Continue reading “In the Midst of Winter…”


This morning as hubby was reading the Christmas story from the book of Luke, I heard a phrase that I have often heard, but, for some reason it stood out today. The phrase is, “but Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often.”  (Luke 2:19, New Living Translation). Mary treasuredContinue reading “Treasures…”


Christmas is one month from today.  Basically, four weeks.  I was raised in the Catholic church.  I went to a parochial school.  I loved when we got to the season of Advent. Our school had an advent wreath.  It was located by the school office and it was on a lever system that raised and loweredContinue reading “Advent….”

Worry… 31 Days of Observing

31 Days Observing Today’s sermon talked about worry. I listened and thought about it.  I felt like it was aimed just at me.  Purely for me.  I worry.  I am a worrier.  Give me a reason and I will worry.   So, after church I did what everyone does (yes, this is sarcasm..) I googled worry. Continue reading “Worry… 31 Days of Observing”