Looking back…

I have spent this week looking back. Reminiscing, remembering, counting my blessings. Friday is my oldest daughter’s birthday. A day that changed my life forever. Nothing was the same as it was, and that is just one of the blessings I have considered this week.

I was told early in our marriage that the possibility of a pregnancy was slim. This grieved me, but I believed that the God I served was greater than a diagnosis. My oldest was born in the early hours of January 28th. I won’t say the year, but, it was a while ago!

This child (as she will always be to me) has been a joy, a puzzle, predictable and a bewilderment to me. Each life has a list of adjectives that imprints them. This woman is no exception.

The fears I had early in her life were often replaced with tears, worry, frustration and fears again. I think this is just the process of having a child. She is now married, a mother and even a grandmother. I look at her and see a beauty that only comes from a life lived.

I stand back often and just stare at her or when we apart, I think of her. The wisdom I see in her, the calmness she can exude, her giving spirit all amaze me. She is a gift for me. She changed and molded my life in ways I never thought possible. I am grateful.

So, Happy Birthday my darling girl. I am so very proud of you and contented to have had a part of the woman you are.

Now, for some housekeeping notes. Today is my 10th anniversary of this blog. It has served me and challenged me greatly. I am in the process of changing this up a bit. I may not write much, but I am feverishly doing research and will soon announce some big changes for my blog. Until then, thank you for your support, your encouragement and for many of you, that kick in the backside I have often needed. Most of all, thanks for stopping by today, Cathi (DAF)


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

6 thoughts on “Looking back…

  1. What a wonderful writing about your daughter. I feel much of the same for my “girls” and wish I had a talent like yours to express it.

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