Implementing an Idea…

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to write.  I have always loved the idea of putting thoughts together to somehow have an impact on another’s life.  I don’t know if I have ever succeeded in doing so, but, as you know, it has not stopped me.

As we were leaving Japan to return to living in the states, I had an idea for a book.  Obviously, that has not happened.    The book was to be a devotional of the lessons I had learned from the people in my life.  I have tried a few times to start it and each time, I reread what I had written and either tore it up (before computers) and threw it away, or, I have hit the delete button and it disappeared.

After my last post, I realized that lately I have had a theme in several of my posts that talk about people in my life and what they have meant to me.  I have suggested that you tell those you love, or who are in your life how important they are to you.    As I finished my last post, it occurred to me that this might be the time for me to at least blog about the lessons and truths I have learned along the way with those precious people who have been in my life.  So, I am going to begin sharing some things from people who have been placed in my life.  This will be my (hopefully) gift to those close to me.

So, my blog will be my observations, lessons, and love I have gathered along the way.  Life is fleeting, and I want to take the time to share my love.  That is, of course, unless something really exciting happens and I have to write about that!

Thanks for stopping by today, I appreciate your visit.  Cathi (DAF)


Yesterday I was in a funk.  Big funk.  I was tired and weary.  I spent most of the day chiding myself for feeling that way and yet, I could not get out of it.

Finally, late last night I went to my blog.  I figured that I could possibly write, but knew that if I attempted anything , it would come out wrong.

I have a dear friend who, when we are in that frame of mind, say to one another, “Step away from the computer”.   We have both, on several occasions go online and written something that we regret as soon as we hit the enter key.  I did not want to make that mistake yesterday.

The next best thing is to read.  So, I went to my reader section on my blog and got caught up with others in the blogging community.

I am grateful for being able to read other blogs.  It does help me.  I read blogs from all over and it gives me a glimpse into lives of others.  Soon, the focus goes off of me and onto others.  That is a good thing.

This morning I have had the pleasure to chat with two of the bloggers I read.  One is in London and the other New York City.  These women bless me so very much, and I am grateful for them.  They encourage me to break out of my funk just by their words and their conversations.

It does help to refocus your thoughts.  I can have a tendency to withdraw and just keep myself alone.  We are people who need to be with other people, we need to touch lives and allow ourselves to be touched.

What helps you to get out of funk?  I would love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by.  Cathi (DAF)


Reality check….

The first week of July was a hard time for me.  Yes, we had just moved and getting settled was (and is) taking longer than I expected, but, there were other things happening that got to me.

The first Sunday of the month, we went to church, and came home, and as is normal, I went online and checked Facebook to see what was going on.  An acquaintance of mine, that I have actually known since kindergarten had several comments on her page.  None of them were normal.  There were no snide remarks or no humor.  There were condolences.  My husband’s cousin, who is also a mutual friend wrote to ask what was going on.  Together, we wrote back and forth until we discovered what was happening.  This acquaintance had lost her husband very suddenly to a heart attack.  I knew of him, but did not know him personally.  I read his obituary and realized he was two weeks younger than me.  This hit me hard.  Like hit me in the gut and have me double over hard.  It still bothers me and my heart goes out to this woman who is grieving, rightly so.

The following day I wrote a message to another friend on Facebook.  We also have known each other since kindergarten.  We were neighbors and played with one another.  We caught bees in jars and played on her swing set.  We played when she got the mumps, so that I would catch them and get it over.  (I never caught them)  We drifted apart through high school and reconnected about 20 years ago at our husband’s class reunion.  We have chatted online often since then.  Anyhow, this friend had been on my mind and so I wrote to see how she was.  She wrote back.  She is undergoing chemotherapy for a bout with cancer.

For the second day in a row, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

Since then I have thought about life.  I have thought about relationships.  Both are fragile and both can be gone in an instant.  I confess it took several weeks for me to get out of the funk that I went to after hearing the news of those two days.  But, what has surfaced from those two stomach wrenching days is a renewed appreciation for today.  Taking each day as the gift it is.  We are not promised tomorrow.

I have yet another friend on Facebook and each morning she posts, “I am glad to be on my feet today.”  That is how I am feeling lately.  I am glad to be on my feet.  I am glad to have this beautiful unsettled home.  I am glad for my hubby.  Glad that he makes me smile and makes me roll my eyes by some of the things he says and does.  I am thankful for another day with my puppy.  We didn’t think we would have him past the day we took him to the hospital, and he is still here, giving me doggy smiles and nose hugs.

Yes, life is good and sometimes we need to be reminded just how good it is.    Speaking of good…  I am planning on having a guest blogger soon….  I am excited about this.   More to come later.  Thanks for stopping by… DAF

Award brightening the winter…

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

Last night I had a message on my blog.  The message was on my awards page.  It was from a blogger whose blog I recently started to follow.   Limbiley’s Blog, wrote that he had awarded me my choice of several awards.  This was overwhelming to say the least!  I chose this one… it spoke to my sense of vanity…  yes, I know honesty. 

I thank Limbiley.  His blog is full of his heart.  His words convey joy, ache and emotion.  I don’t know how he does it, but when I read his blog I can feel some tugging at my heart.  So, thank you for the awards. 

Rules for Blog of the Year Award:

1-Select the blog(s) you think deserve the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award.

2-Write a post about the blog(s) you have chosen (there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required) and ‘present’ the blog(s) with their award.

3-Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them- (please don’t alter the instructions or the badges!)

4-Come over and say hello to the originator of the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award via this link:

5-You can now also join the Blog Of The Year Award Facebook Page. Click the link here: to share your blog posts with an even wider audience.

6-Finally, as a winner of the award, please add a link back to the blog that presented you with this award-and then proudly display the award on your blog- and start collecting stars!

So, I will do what the rules say, although, I don’t know about joining in with the Facebook page.  It sounds great, but as I have looked at all the photos on the page, I think it may be too revealing… after all this vain blogger is anonymous! 

I think every blog I read is worthy of this award.  Each blog speaks to me in a different way.  I have unique relationships with so many bloggers and my life would be as dark as a winter’s day without you.  (how’s that for tying my winter theme in here?) 

But, if I had to choose (and if you weren’t chosen, I am so very sorry), there are four blogs that I look forward to daily.  Here are the blogs I give this award to:

My Men and Me

It’s all in the simple

Raising the Curtain


Thanks again for stopping by, and now I will go polish off my award and smile.   DAF




I Wish to Thank….

In November I received an award.  This award was given me by a very special blogger that I consider a friend.  She writes at:  Her blog is a mixture of humor and truth and she challenges me and inspires me in so many ways.

When she wrote about this award, it was sprinkled with humor and grace.  She awarded this to myself and to several of the other blogs I follow.  Each blogger has mentioned and written about this award with inspiration and fun and I have struggled to write about it with a new twist.  Since, for some reason, I am unable to come up with a new angle, I will just write.

The award given to me is

The Rules for the Liebster Award are as follows:

  • Link back to the blogger who gave you this award
  • Post the award to your blog
  • Post 11 things about yourself.
  • Answer the questions asked of you, plus create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer
  • Nominate 11 people you think deserve the award and link them to your post.
  • Go to their pages and tell them they have been chosen

So, now, here I plunge into accomplishing what this award requires.  BTW, I do love getting awards, it makes me feel so very special!

The eleven things about myself is a bit hard.  As I really strive to be anonymous, each thing revealed also reveals a bit about myself.  But, hey, it’s a new year, let’s do it!

1. I have a scar on  my right leg.  I fell going up a hill when I was 7 and a piece of a stick broke off in my leg.  It travelled around my bone and came out the same hole as it went in…  no lie.  I couldn’t really walk for several weeks while it made its trip around my calf.

2. I am claustrophobic

3. I love the mountains.  They are majestic and they give me a peace that I can’t explain.

4. I love potato chips.

5. I am a painter, but don’t like having people see my work.

6. I am a middle child.

7. I would love to be a speaker at women’s groups, but don’t know how to go about doing that.

8. I broke my back sledding 12 years ago.  It was a great ride down the hill until I met that boulder.

9. I will be returning to the work force this year and it literally scare me to death!

10. My grandson makes my heart smile the way no one else can make me smile.

11. My first name is….. hah! caught ya with that one…

Now here are the questions I have to answer:

1.  What is you favorite song of all time?  Send in the Clowns… has been since the first time I heard it.

2.  Boxers, briefs, boy shorts, granny panties, thong or the universal choice of Commando?  Granny panties, comfort is key for me.

3.  Would you break the law to save a loved one?  I was raised Catholic, I have too much Catholic guilt to do anything wrong.

4.  Would you go back to being a teenager, without the wisdom you have now?  Absolutely NOT.

5.  What are you most grateful for? My family.  They mean the world to me

6.  Are you a beach or mountain kind of person?  I have already answered that, definitely a mountain person

7.  Reveal one of your guilty pleasures?  When I travel, having a decadent coffee drink.

8.  Are you a dark, milk or white chocolate lover?  All are great, I am not a respecter of chocolate.

9.  If you could give a newborn child one piece of advice, what would it be?  To always be yourself.

10.  What is your best childhood memory?  Going shopping with my Dad and getting a new spring jacket that had an apple on it.

11.  Do you act your age or your show size?  Neither… my age is irrelevant and my feet are big!

The eleven questions I would ask are:

1. What is your favorite season?

2. What is your favorite dessert?

3. Where would you go on vacation, if money were no object?

4. What is your idea of a great night out?

5. What is your least favorite color?  Why?

6. Dog or cat person?

7. What grosses you out?

8. Where were you born?

9. What is your favorite flower?

10. What smell makes you feel at home?

11. What is your favorite holiday?

Now, this award, as described by Life with the Top Down, is: Liebster (pronounced: leeb-stir) is a German word meaning sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.  The Liebster Blog Award recognizes up and coming bloggers and winners are asked to “pay it back and forward.”  The award is given to those bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

So, now, drum roll, please….

Here are the bloggers I think deserve to have this award:


Coming East (even though she has more than 200 followers)

My Men and Me  writing at Finally Wendy Wanders  the friend who inspired me to start blogging in the first place

So, now, I am caught up in thanking and doing what needs to be done.   Thank you Top!!!  You are the best and thanks for stopping by, DAF