Award brightening the winter…

Last night I had a message on my blog.  The message was on my awards page.  It was from a blogger whose blog I recently started to follow.   Limbiley’s Blog, wrote that he had awarded me my choice of several awards.  This was overwhelming to say the least!  I chose this one… it spoke toContinue reading “Award brightening the winter…”

In acknowlegement….

I am interrupting this series to acknowledge that Dj Mynatt who blogs at Donna’s Family Life has awarded me  the Most Uplifting Blogger Award.  I am amazed that anyone is uplifted by my posts, as I see myself as having a pretty common, normal life.  But, I am humbled and gratefully accept this.  Dj’s blog is aContinue reading “In acknowlegement….”

In the middle… a gift…

Last week in the middle of unpacking and feeling overwhelmed and a bit under appreciated, I turned to Facebook for some uplifting.  That day my Facebook page was not that exciting.  No new pictures of my grandson, no funny jokes, no scriptures that fed my spirit.  Nothing, just the usual complaints and comments.  I checkedContinue reading “In the middle… a gift…”

I Wish to Thank….

In November I received an award.  This award was given me by a very special blogger that I consider a friend.  She writes at:  Her blog is a mixture of humor and truth and she challenges me and inspires me in so many ways. When she wrote about this award, it was sprinkled with humor andContinue reading “I Wish to Thank….”

First things first…

I haven’t taken the time lately to write many (or any, for that matter) posts.  I am determined to catch up with the random thoughts travelling swiftly across my brain. In April I was humbled beyond measure by the outpouring of encouragement and support from my fellow bloggers.  One of the gifts of this encouragementContinue reading “First things first…”

HBM (Humbled Beyond Measure)

It is almost tomorrow, and I am just now sitting down to write today. It won’t be a long post, but, I did not want another hour to go by without mentioning how humbled and blessed I have been.  Humbled and blessed beyond measure. Yesterday I wrote my post and revealed things on my heart. Continue reading “HBM (Humbled Beyond Measure)”