As I have written many times, my hubby is a retired Navy man.  He served for almost 21 years and it was a great part of our life together.  I stood by and watched him re-enlist many times and each time I felt such pride well up in me.  There is just something about watchingContinue reading “Just…WOW!…”

I am a flag-waver…

You know how you have friends on Facebook that are friends only because you know them and have spent some time with them, but are more acquaintances than friends?  These are the people you schedule to only read when you want to read.  I have my Facebook page divided into sections, from people we met whileContinue reading “I am a flag-waver…”

Happy Birthday to my country

The fireworks are already beginning here.  I was leaving the market and putting groceries in my car when I heard a whoosh and the sky exploded with bright colors.  After retrieving my skin from which I had jumped out of, I smiled. We lived in a county for several years that did not allow fireworks. Continue reading “Happy Birthday to my country”

Under the quiet

A few days ago I posted a picture of the pond in my back yard.  The caption for the picture was from Psalm 23.  I would like to share a bit of background for the scripture, if you don’t mind. A few years ago when we were in the process of moving after being inContinue reading “Under the quiet”

Thank you Mr. White

Having read a couple of posts about Memorial Day (which is this weekend), I began to think about this holiday and how it affects me. Several weeks ago I was blessed reading a post about the Australian/New Zealand Memorial Day celebration.  I cried through the post and was thankful for those brave men who served theirContinue reading “Thank you Mr. White”