September Thoughts…

There are certain times of the year that provoke a sense of reflection in me.  I write about these times often, for I believe that writing them down etches them in my mind more clearly. The days leading up to the 11th of September is one of these seasons.  Tomorrow is Grandparents day, a holidayContinue reading “September Thoughts…”

The Day Before….

Yesterday I wrote about my daughter’s birthday, and although the title of this post appears that this is another homage to her, it isn’t. 12 years ago tomorrow our country  changed.  It was a national day of horror. Tomorrow there will be tributes and posts talking about the day.  I know, as last year IContinue reading “The Day Before….”

A Day of Memories

I knew opening Facebook today that most posts would make mention of this day.  A day to remember.  A day to respect those who have given the utmost sacrifice, the families.  A day to stop and be silent for there are no words that can describe.   At least for me.  I think on this dayContinue reading “A Day of Memories”