grumpy has left the building…

Yesterday I wrote about being grumpy.  I always hesitate to write about moods like these.  It is like shining a beacon on myself, begging to be looked at and either coddled or encouraged.

Yes, I know when moods like these hit, you sometimes need to be encouraged, coddled, or sometimes you just need a good slap upside the head.   I know this because I have many lumps from previous experiences.

After writing the post yesterday we were able to Skype with our daughter and Little Man.  No one can stay grumpy when you see a cute little guy smile as he says, “Grampy,Grammy…”   It melts my heart.  I begin to smile.  That smile turns into a laugh.  Gone are the grumpies.

My daughter looked at hubby seriously and said, “Dad, the next time she gets like this, just text and say, HELP! “  Yes, that is true love.  My kids get me.  They make me laugh.

Later yesterday, my oldest called.  She had some things she needed to talk to me about.  I gave her advice and she apologized for being a bratty kid.  I again smiled.  That smile again turned into a laugh.  All those years of fretting and worrying about the damage I might be doing to my kids, turns out, they were learning lessons for the future…  they now know how crazy they were making their mom at the time.  My oldest is discovering how fun eight year old girls can be.  I love it!  You know, eight year old girls are at that age right before maternal insanity sets in.    All I could tell her was, “Wait until high school…”.   Yes, I am a sage.

Still later in the evening, I called a friend in San Diego.  This friend had been on my mind for the past week.  When she answered the phone she sounded like she was taking her last breath.  I thought maybe I had called just in the nick of time.  Within a few minutes, her inhaler took effect and she was clearly able to ask me, “Why are you grumpy?”  Gotta love a friend who, with their last breath, is wondering what is wrong.

We talked for a bit and laughed a lot and she prayed with me.

Now, I know any of these conversations can elevate and lift a persons’ spirit.  The combination of all three were medicine for my heart.

I tend to keep things in.  I know you never would know that by my writing, but, I do.  I try to hold things in.  I try to handle things by myself.  When things get too much and I feel defeated and weary, I close down.  I think silence will help.  I think grumpiness will be momentary.  It isn’t.  Once allowing the door to silence and grumpiness open, I am not pleasant to be around.  My daughters reminded me of this.

We are people for a reason.  We need to touch other lives.  We need to allow ourselves to be touched.  Most of all, we need to be reminded that God is in control.  I may see my world as crumbling around me, but if I look out my window I will see a beautiful day and roads to explore and air to breathe in.  Life, it is new each day.  Grace is new also.

So, thank you friends and family.  You bless and minister to me and make the gray clouds give way to a better view.

A cheerful disposition is good for your health; gloom and doom leave you bone-tired. (Proverbs 17:22, The Message)

Thanks for stopping by today, DAF


2 thoughts on “grumpy has left the building…

  1. I can relate to nearly every single word of this. Oh, boy and how. That is, with the exception of grand-mothering … but that too is likely on the horizon! I’m glad you shared this in a way that made you feel more comfortable for doing so. Much love to you, xx

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