A Light in the Clearing…

I love walking in the woods, well, those woods I know, at least.  My favorite poem is by Robert Frost, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”  and I find myself quoting it several times. When going for a walk in the woods, you leave the bright daylight and follow a path.  This path meandersContinue reading “A Light in the Clearing…”


A few years ago we watched a movie that made a huge impact on me.  I actually think of it often and am still moved by it.  The movie was “Taking Chance”, starring Kevin Bacon.  It is about a fallen soldier being taken home and the military officer who accompanied him.  I cried through theContinue reading “Heroes…”

Good-bye Dear Friend…

Each person has a ‘first’ friend.  Those childhood friends who are neighbors or children of family friends, but there is a connection to somehow make you friends. My first friend lived close by.  I would go out our back door, walk by the neighbor behind us, cross an alley, and end up at the bottomContinue reading “Good-bye Dear Friend…”

Reality check….

The first week of July was a hard time for me.  Yes, we had just moved and getting settled was (and is) taking longer than I expected, but, there were other things happening that got to me. The first Sunday of the month, we went to church, and came home, and as is normal, IContinue reading “Reality check….”


Tomorrow is Father’s Day as I write this.  I have thought of my father all day long as I have seen people post pictures of their Dads on Facebook.  It is a touching tribute and one I wish I could do.  But, I have no pictures on my computer of him and did not thinkContinue reading “Fathers”

Mish mash… and all that other stuff

I had started this year with the goal of posting at least every other day… that lasted until, well, let’s say it was a nice idea. I have several thoughts bouncing around my head and since I have no clear thought about what I am going to write, I decided to just write, please bearContinue reading “Mish mash… and all that other stuff”

In A Moment

I have often thought of writing this post, and I have often thought of not writing on this subject.  It is a conflict within me and after doing battle in my mind I lost and here I go. 46 years ago today there was a very simple moment in my life.  It was 7:28 a.m..  AContinue reading “In A Moment”