Bitten….. 31 Days of Observing…

31 Days Observing

The other evening it was perfect walking weather, nice and warm.  Hubby and I went out with the dog for our usual evening rounds.  On our way we met up with another couple from down the street.  Actually, we heard them before we saw them, as their boxer was straining at her leash to run wild.  Their dachshund was running free and they were unable to get to him.

Our Shugo was just curious about what was going on.  Being attracted to the female and annoyed with the little dachshund nipping at his paws.  It was a circus moment, something happening in each ring!

We talked with our neighbors while sorting out the dogs.  I kept noticing the mosquitoes in the air.  They buzzed me several times and I continued to swat at them.

A day later I had this observation…. the mosquitoes in their last hurrah before cold weather were having their own Thanksgiving feast on me.  I have bites all over my arms, legs, and ankles.  The worst?  Some little bug decided to go for the whipped cream, I have a bite right beside my thumbnail.  I have never had a mosquito bite there.   I hope they enjoyed their feast, because I will be glad to see them go!

Bitten… I bet you thought it had something to do with the current fascination of vampires, right?  No, not me…

Thanks for stopping by today, DAF

Slow Dance into Fall

In mid August I wrote a post about autumn approaching.  How there was a nuance of its impending arrival… well, here we are in late September and the temperature is still in the mid 70’s creeping up into the low 80’s.  Autumn, when are you going to fall?

As I was walking my dear little puppy this morning, I was thinking of this.  I am tired of the heat.  I yearn for my jeans and sweatshirts.  Mostly, I am tired of the mosquitoes, that somehow don’t realize that by the end of September they should be gone, munching in some other tropical locale.  But, no, here they stay making a mid morning snack on me.

But, I digress.  There are hints of fall in the air.  I know this from sneezing at absolutely nothing visible.  So, I know there are dying leaves somewhere.

The air is warm, bordering on humid still.  But, there is a respite when you walk into the shade.  It toys with you.  You feel a slight temperature drop, you feel a gentle breeze.  It reassures me that, yes, fall will be here.

The leaves are starting to be tinted with the colors of fall.  Like the Lord using a small tipped paint brush and gently shading in the edges of the leaves.  Just enough.  Teasing me, taunting me to write and complain once more about the warmth.  Yes, I know, give me a few more weeks and I will write on the wind whipping through my jacket and my cheeks burning with cold air.  What can I say?  I’m weather fickle.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons though.  It is beckoning the arrival of the holidays.  I am glad to see it coming.  I know it is doing a slow dance to get here, but personally I would like to see it jitterbug its way here already!

Thanks for stopping by… As always, DAF

The Good, The Bad and The Ouch?

(Disclaimer: this is not a serious post.  Also, this is not a long post)


Big puffy clouds hanging across the deep blue sky.  Some dark and foreboding (rain possibly?  Danger?)

The time: high noon (well give or take a few minutes)

Our shadows drift eerily across the road in front of us.  Puppy is panting, water is needed.

The town is deserted, no one around except for the brave soul who appears to be packing up his wagon and heading out-of-town.

The rattle of lawnmowers break the silence (think rattlers here people, I’m trying to be dramatic) and squirrels scamper in fear of us up the tree. (again, go with me… think prairie dogs instead of squirrels)

It’s high noon here.  Time when no one goes out, never know what dangers lurk down the road.  I hear something approaching, what could it be?  My puppy rushes into the near by brush to escape (well, that and he had to do his business).  The noise grows louder, SMACK!  Stupid skeeters, got me again.

Well Pardner, so much for spinning a western yarn, thanks for stopping by y’all…

A Lovely Evening for a Walk

My daily routine is to walk our dear puppy a couple of times a day.  This walk is down to our pool/playground area twice and then in the evening, a walk around the block.

The past couple of nights it has been so pleasant, I have done a third walk down to the pool area.   Tonight was a lovely evening, so again we headed down to the pool.

It was so nice tonight.  The sun had taken its western trip for the evening, and the sky here, although there was a finger tip moon in the sky, was still light.  Porch lights were on and upstairs lights were on as families were settling in for the night.

Since the sun was no longer blazing overhead the humidity was absent.  Yes, the mosquitoes were ever-present, but without the sun overhead blazing down on me, it was a wonderful night to be out and walking.

The cicadas and the crickets joined together to create the melody that is the South in the summer. There were the faint remains of late suppers on the grill, mixing the smell of  the charcoal and burgers and hot dogs.  Only once did I smell the sweet aroma of a gardenia that had the tenacity to still be blooming.  The smell of the gardenia soon became overwhelmed by the smell of the chlorine of the pool and my reverie of enjoying this southern night was interrupted by the squeals of children still playing in the pool.

It was a lovely evening for a walk and I wanted to share it with you.  Now, that I have done this, I really need to go and scratch a bite that is begging to be itched.

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful evening.  As always, DAF

The Bane Of My Existence

There are few things that really get to me.  Most times I am easy-going and can handle most things thrown at me.  At least, that is how I perceive myself, I may be way off in left field, but, don’t tell me otherwise.  I like living in the land of delusion.  The voices in my head and I get along well, so this is my story and I am sticking to it.

There is one thing, though, that I cannot and will not like.  I know hate is a very strong word and emotion, but this is what I feel.  What, you ask could spark such a tirade?  It is easy…. mosquitoes.

This winter was a very mild one.  We had maybe a couple of days of real cold, but for the most part it was only light jacket weather.  Because of this weather phenomenon, the mosquitoes from last summer never died.  They thrived.  They multiplied.  They joined forces with other mosquitoes.  They banned together and made a war plan.  While I had some moments of sleep, one came in and painted a bull’s eye on me.  It is a large bulls eye, only visible to mosquitoes.  I can’t wash it off and spray does no good.  I am doomed.

I walk my dear puppy, who, by the way gets a magic pill that protects him against said pests, and they land on him, but do not bother him.  They treat him like a taxi, they land and he brings them to their destination – my home.

Each time I go out of my house I can count on at least 5 or 6 more bites.  I am covered, literally, covered in bites.  I am going to a wedding in a couple of weeks and have determined I need either a long sun dress or pants to wear, because my legs will detract from the beautiful bride.  People will be aghast looking at the welts on my legs.

I am now known as that crazy neighbor who walks her dog and slaps herself as she does it.  Take a step, slap! Take another step and slap a different place.  Heaven forbid when they fly up and inside of my tee shirts, I just look demented then.

Well, that was my rant for the month.  Had to get it out while I scratch my head, legs, arms, well, you get the idea.  Just for further information, I have tried several different sprays, lotions, soaps, food, dryer sheets and nothing works.  My dear hubby says I am sweet meat… hmm… don’t know if I agree with that.  So, if any of you hear the legend of the jittery slap happy woman walking her dog, know that it is me, just trying to get some exercise and walk my puppy.


Hope you all have a great day.  What is the bane of your existence?  DAF