0 Dark 30….

The house is still, except for the ticking of the clock and the hum of the refrigerator.  It is darkness, only illuminated by the tiny lights on the electronics in the television stand and my laptop.  Outside is the same, our light shining on our flag, the post lights at the edge of our driveway. Continue reading “0 Dark 30….”

A Light in the Clearing…

I love walking in the woods, well, those woods I know, at least.  My favorite poem is by Robert Frost, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”  and I find myself quoting it several times. When going for a walk in the woods, you leave the bright daylight and follow a path.  This path meandersContinue reading “A Light in the Clearing…”

Pride Cometh Before a…..

I am often lecturing my sweet hubby about his balance.  His balance isn’t the best because of past injuries.  Having had one foot broken off on his left leg and a severed quadriceps tendon on his right leg, I repeatably tell him he hasn’t a foot to stand on.   He often takes a tumble andContinue reading “Pride Cometh Before a…..”

I need a time out chair…

I am a middle child.   A product of Catholic school.  I am Irish.   I am a mess. The combination of all of the three points above drive me to distraction.  I see something and immediately I feel like I need to jump in and do something.  I see myself at times like a spastic physicalContinue reading “I need a time out chair…”

The ABC’s of Moving…

Thought I would try a different approach to writing about the past few weeks… A ~ auto accident while showing our oldest daughter around our new area… nothing serious, a fender bender for them, a dented passenger door for us. B ~ broken ribs (five of them) for a good friend of ours who wasContinue reading “The ABC’s of Moving…”