I have a faint memory from childhood of having juggling balls.  I remember looking at the direction book and practicing with them.  I think I was able to get up to three balls.  I was excited at what I could do, but when I tried the fourth ball, I became discouraged and quit. Isn’t thatContinue reading “Juggling…”

A Flash Back Memory…

Last night while I was browsing You Tube, I came across a video for the Navy Lodge in Yokosuka, Japan.   This caught my eye as this is where we lived for the first couple of weeks after arriving in Japan.  I clicked on the link and smiled to myself. This lodge is definitely not theContinue reading “A Flash Back Memory…”

Could it be possibly be?

I really dislike warm weather.  I was excited to go to San Diego at first because I was leaving the 90 degree temps that are so common here in South Carolina in September. I was excited until I realized that San Diego was hot also. I felt like I couldn’t escape from the heat.  UponContinue reading “Could it be possibly be?”

As It Was In The Days of Noah…

Yes, I know it is Easter time and Facebook and blogs are filled with words remembering the significance of this week.  Yes, I heartily agree with all of this, but, no, this is not a spiritual post.  Just a reference. Noah built the ark, and the rains started.   Last night I was thinking of pullingContinue reading “As It Was In The Days of Noah…”


Today I started to take down Christmas decorations.  The key word here is take down, not put away.  My extra room upstairs looks like Christmas collapsed in there.  Garland is strung across the floor, drying from being outside.  The outside ribbon is doing the same. It’s funny when you take down decorations. The rooms thatContinue reading “Damp…”

When the clever escapes you

Sometimes clever posts escape me.  I go about my week looking at everything with potential blog post eyes.  Sometimes little things happen and I know that what just happened will make great posts.  I love those opportunities. The past couple days I have wanted to write.  My heart desire was to sit down and composeContinue reading “When the clever escapes you”

Saga (Everyone loves a neverending saga, right?)

Have you ever played on of those games where you pull one piece out and then everything crumbles and makes a mess?  It’s fun to try to keep everything up and steady, but it doesn’t always work that way. We are renters.  We rent from a lovely couple who are currently residing overseas.  They haveContinue reading “Saga (Everyone loves a neverending saga, right?)”