Several years ago, a dear friend of mine had a blog.  At the time, reluctant to actually fill in the blanks to follow her blog, I would sign in as a guest and sign my comments anonymous.   I told her I would always be her dear anonymous friend.

A couple of years later I was encouraged to start a blog by my daughter.  I thought about it and while driving home from her home (which was a long drive) I came to the conclusion that I would start a blog, this one, and try to be anonymous.   I actually did not sign my name to my blog for many years.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend.  I am a ‘senior’ and have had many life experiences which I tend to share often.

I am a born-again Christian and although I do not write specifically about my Lord, He is ever present in everything I do and write.  He is truly my very best friend.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, I do appreciate your visit.  Please leave a comment, if you like, I would love to hear from you.   Cathi (DAF)

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