Home again, home again, jiggety-jig….

Walking the dog this morning the nursery rhyme, “To Market, to market” came into my mind.  I remembered the past couple weeks of bouncing Little Man on my knees and repeating this rhyme to him.  The last line, home again, home again, jiggety-jig stuck in my mind.

It was a beautiful fall morning and my first thought was one of sadness of being home and back into the normal routine.  I stopped myself.

I was not going to be sad.   The morning was glorious with the crisp feel in the air and the bright autumn sun in the morning sky.

Plus, I had a delightful weekend.  Friday as I kissed Little Man good-bye and hugged and kissed my dear son-in-law good-bye, I started a short road trip with a friend from elementary school.

We talked ourselves hoarse on the trip from D.C. to Charleston.  We caught up on what was happening with my family and her family, all seven siblings.  We strolled down memory lane and talked about ‘bucket lists’.  This weekend we visited some beaches and went to The Taste of Charleston at a local plantation.   We ate for a few hours, literally.  The food was incredible, the weather divine, and the company was so enjoyable.  We checked something off my friend’s bucket list in going to the food event.

It was a fun weekend, and although I am missing my Little Man, I am content with the weekend I have had.  I am blessed with a friend from my childhood, that we have shared our lives together.  We remember the little stories and the big stories of each other’s life.  We added another chapter to our memory books and that is a wonderful thing to have happen.

Hubby and Friend walking back to the car from the beach


walking over a foot bridge from the parking lot to the event
walking over a foot bridge from the parking lot to the event


some of the food tents
some of the food tents


Ice Sculpture Demo
Ice Sculpture Demo

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