On preparing to leave…

I awoke this morning with the realization that I am leaving the day after tomorrow.  I spent this morning enjoying my time with my Little Man.  We had breakfast, played and read books.  We took a long walk to meet Mamma after work at the preschool.  It was a wonderful morning.

The walk down to the school was peaceful.  There was the usual traffic noises and construction noises and airplanes, but it felt peaceful.  Some of the leaves are changing colors and it feels like fall here.

Little Man was quiet while riding in his stroller.  He was looking around, but the usual chatter between the two of us was not there.  It didn’t matter though, I think we both knew that our times of just the two of us walking will end soon.

As I walked, I was reflecting on how quickly the past couple weeks have gone.  I have loved my time with my daughter and son-in-law.  They are great people.  They have a comfortable home and have made me feel welcome and loved.  They are still fun to watch together as they discover parenting in all its forms.  It is a joy to be in their home.

My lesson for today is being grateful.  I am grateful for family.  I am grateful for Nana needing some more time and for her accommodating my being here.  I am grateful for my time here with Little Man.  It has been a refreshment for my soul and spirit.  I will go home congested with a cold, but filled to the very top of my being with love.

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your visit.  DAF


8 thoughts on “On preparing to leave…

  1. How I know you don’t want to leave your little man…bet it was fun and nourishing to be around such innocence yet untainted by the outside world. Grandparents make the best teachers by the way and he’ll miss you too…who’s he gonna lock in the closet as he says good bye to all it holds 🙂

  2. Today has been wonderful and awful… each time I do someting I think it’s the last for a while. I was able to go to lunch with my daughter and Little Man actually slept through most of the lunch, so we were able to talk. Thought of you as we browsed through some stores, some interesting people shopping and I kept thinking of how you would write about them… thanks for stopping by!

  3. We talked about the evolution of the sandwiches we were eating… they started out as being named The Walter, then they were the Walter Jr. now they are Walter 3.0…. we decided the original was the best! Then we talked about the chocolate carmel we had and a bunch of stuff we normally discuss, nothing major, but a memory I will hold dear. Have thought of writing about the shoppers, but could never do it the way you do. Love to hear of your expeditions!

    I will miss my babies (my daughter and Little Man), they make my heart smile. My son in law is not so bad either, have known him since he was 9. He stole my heart the first time I met him, and his folks know that!

  4. This is such a sweet tail,..and the evolution of a sandwich would make a great title of an essay. You say the nicest things about those you love…like fresh air for the rest your readers to breathe in. Have a safe trip home.

  5. thank you. Your words encourage me all the time. I will have a safe trip home, a friend from elementary school is picking me up and we are driving back home where she will visit with us for a few days. Looking forward to catching up with her.

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