The Day Before….

Yesterday I wrote about my daughter’s birthday, and although the title of this post appears that this is another homage to her, it isn’t.

12 years ago tomorrow our country  changed.  It was a national day of horror.

Tomorrow there will be tributes and posts talking about the day.  I know, as last year I wrote about it along with a post about my daughter’s birthday.  They are tied together, as you know.

Last night, as I was trying to sleep, I thought about the significance of the day.  I thought about the posts that would be published on the 11th.

Then, I thought of the day before.  The day before the country changed.  Do we think of what we did on what would seem to be our last day of normal?  That day when we went about our business as usual.

This was my last day of what was the normal.  I woke up, put on my new glasses that I had just gotten the day before.  I went out to do some last-minute shopping after dropping my birthday girl off on campus.  I had to make certain I got the rest of the birthday gifts for my 18-year-old.  I picked up her favorite cake from her favorite bakery (White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse) .   I got the cake home and took the dog out.  I then went back out to get an anniversary gift.  I picked out a nice frame for a 50th anniversary gift.  Hubby and I were leaving the 12th of September to attend the 50th anniversary party of my friend’s parents.  She was the best friend in high school and her folks were my second set of parents.  Attending their party was a joyful family obligation.  We were excited to fly home in the fall.  It was going to be a great trip.

I then picked my girl up from her classes and set about to pack for our trip.  Presents were wrapped and cake was calling us to eat it early, but we were good.

That was the last day of the old normal.  Not exciting.  Nothing pressing.  Just an ordinary day.

Awaking the next day, the new normal set in.  It has been that way since.  I attempt to have red, white, and blue on all my decorations.  I determined to do this the day the new normal arrived.  It was my sign that we are Americans and proud of it.   When I hear the military planes over head from the nearby base, I look up, say a prayer of protection for our men and women and repeat to myself, ‘there goes the sound of freedom’.

12 years into the new normal.  This is a week for remembrance.  To honor those who fell.  To honor those who tried to rescue.  To honor those who are learning to survive.  May our dear Lord bless them with peace and health and security.

Thanks for stopping by today, DAF

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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

2 thoughts on “The Day Before….

  1. Another beautifully written post. Hearing the names yesterday made my eyes well with tears all over again. Thank you dear friend for your choice of words on a day we needed healing for our hearts.

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