Thirty years ago….

When we think of what happened a week ago we sometimes think it was a long time ago.  Lately, my husband and I tease one another that we are lucky when we remember each other’s names let alone what happened yesterday.  It’s not that we are that old, it’s just that we sometimes just put the earlier days into the pile of days that had nothing remarkable happen to us.

Today, thinking it was the 10th of September, I woke up thinking what I did thirty years ago.  Unusual?  Well, yes, but this week marks a milestone.  Thirty years ago on the 11th, my baby came into this world and changed the lives of everyone she has met since.

Thirty years ago this past week, I moved into our first home.  It wasn’t the first place we lived, but it was the first home we were buying.  I was nine months pregnant and the weather for San Diego was incredibly hot.  Dear hubby was doing his job in providing and securing our freedom, so he was not able to be with me during this season of our life.  But, that’s another story to tell.

We didn’t have much furniture or worldly goods at that time, but there was enough to keep me occupied.  I was helped by a group of friends that are still good friends.  Daily, they would drop by to help me out and move boxes to rooms so that I didn’t have to lug them from room to room.

Our oldest daughter was 4 at this time.  She was adorable, long strawberry blonde hair that hung in long Shirley Temple ringlets.  She was my helper and my cheerleader.  She knew she would have a little sister (although at that time we hadn’t a clue).  She knew because she prayed for one and her young faith was enough to assure her that what she asked for, she got.   She was excited for the new house, for seeing toys packed up weeks before and for the impending arrival of the baby.

I, was stressed.  Buying a home should have been a wonderful time.  Instead, the process that should have been short, was extended and I ended up finishing it all while hubby was floating on the waters of the world.   That was enough for a 20 something to do.  Add to it, having to let my oldest go to some new friend’s home while being in the hospital overwhelmed me with concern.  My helping group of friends all worked and could not watch my oldest during the day, so instead some very nice people offered to watch our girl while I was busy with our youngest.  It turned out to be a great experience, but today, thirty years ago, it caused me anxiety.

So, with no family around, friends who cared and love me, we had an adventure.  We moved into our home.  It was not my dream home, but it was larger than any place we had lived and it would be home for the next 27 years.

Thirty years ago today was a Friday.   I got the bedrooms downstairs finished.  I finished the kitchen.  I propped up swollen feet.  I revelled in the joy and excitement of our daughter.  Her excitement can be contagious, still.

Thirty years ago tomorrow we did the family room, my friends and I.  We had a cookout with burgers and hot dogs and beans and macaroni salad.

Then, thirty years ago on the 11th, which was a Sunday, our little girl arrived.  She had wonderful facial expressions that I have seen her precious little boy mirror. She would be the child to teach me laughter.  She would be the child to teach me joy, inexpressible joy.  She has taught me several other things in her life, but these two are paramount.

When she was eighteen, her birthday was overshadowed by the events of 9-11.  From then, her birthday would always be something more, something mentioned on the news.  A national day of horror.  We have tried since 2002 to make her birthday a time of celebration with a time of solemn remembrance.   It is sometimes difficult to talk about the celebrations when the day marks other events.

But, she is our joy, my special gift from our Father in heaven.  I have told her this often.  I believe in telling our children a statement that is a truth.  A statement that will echo in their minds when everything is screaming at them otherwise.  She knows that she is my special gift from Jesus.

So, this day, two days before her thirtieth birthday, I begin to honor her.  She has blessed this world in many ways.  She continues to do so.  She is my gift, and my joy.

I just can’t believe I am old enough that my baby is 30 years old… when did that happen???

Otherwise, I am fine.

(as a sidenote, my oldest daughter has taught me love, unconditional and permanent.  On one of her birthdays the Challenger blew up. So, there is also a news story or memory on her day of celebration also.  Her statement? You are precious in the sight of Jesus.)

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10 thoughts on “Thirty years ago….

  1. A new home, a new baby? And you had no idea you just gave birth to a little historian. Now how bout that? A nice piece full of love and tenderness…how rare DAF…how rare 🙂

  2. I have always tried to be equal… sometimes it works and often it doesn’t… today I felt like I needed to mention my oldest also. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are well, so proud of your accomplishment with Cross Fit…

  3. Such wonderful, thought-provoking memories. The richness of detail in your re-telling made me smile. Memory is a strange and beautiful thing. Thank you for inviting us to share your stories!

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