Baby Watch 2012 –Day 2 –From mountains to family

Yesterday saw us heading to the hills, literally!  It was so wonderful to see mountains once more.  My heart felt at home and there was excitement for me at each turn of the road.  It was wonderful.  We stayed at a hotel built in the 1800’s.  Our room was shaped differently and overlooked a beautiful church with mountains in the background.  I will post pictures later.

We drove today to Pennsylvania.  It is so good to be in our home state.  The greens are greener and the air is sweeter.  I love it.

What is even better is seeing family.  Holding on to nephews and nieces and new babies (great nephew) and seeing sisters.  It is fun.  It is hectic and it is family.  What else could be better?  Pictures are coming and I must go now and see what else is happening here.

Thanks for stopping in.  DAF


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4 thoughts on “Baby Watch 2012 –Day 2 –From mountains to family

  1. I thought of you as we passed the sign welcoming us to PA. I love being here, it is my home state, but it is really hot! Just got in from decorating the arbor for the outdoor wedding, thanks for checking in, stay cool!

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