Baby Watch 2012 – Day 1

It is hot here and after walking our dear puppy and explaining to him what is going to happen the next few weeks (of course, he understood each word) all I feel like doing is sitting on my comfy couch in the air conditioning.  It is too hot to help pack up the car!

Of course if I don’t put clothes into my suitcase then there will be nothing to put in the car, right?

This won’t be a long post as I have whittled my list down to two items, finish packing and making lunch for the road today.  Both sound very tiring to me, especially with my dear puppy laying at my feet sound asleep.  Personally, I would like to join him in a nice long nap.

I have my camera all charged up and I am purposing to take pictures of our adventure.  I will keep you posted as this adventure unfolds.  But, for now, I sign off as I begin this expedition.  Now, where’s my list for what to pack?

Thanks for stopping by, DAF

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