Baby Watch 2012–Day 3~Day 9–From Wedding Bells to Lightening Bugs to Sister Talks

Wow!  It seems like forever since I had a moment to sit and write.  I have thought about blogs all this week and am looking forward to blogging about them.

I still haven’t downloaded any pictures (that’s next on my to do list), but when I do, I will post them.

My nephew’s wedding was wonderful.  The bride was gorgeous and all went well.  All went well except that it was a late afternoon wedding in 100 degree weather.  The attendants and the groomsmen and the lovely couple were in the “shade” such as it was.  The seating was in the full blazing afternoon sun.  Fortunately, it was a short ceremony and the reception was air-conditioned.  Most people, when asked how the wedding was first reply, HOT!.  At least they will have lots of stories for when ever my great-niece or nephew is born a few years from now.

After the wedding weekend we made our way to Gettysburg, PA.  We pitched our tent (literally) and spent the next couple days in the battlefield.  My dear hubby was able to take pictures of each and every statue.  Unfortunately, I was only able to photograph Lincoln’s big toe and every statue I saw of Lee was on a horse on top of a pillar of concrete and I just couldn’t focus that far up.  Then, as I had mentioned in a earlier post that my dear hubby could take pictures of Lee and Sherman I do have to correct myself. (I think any history buffs out there should have corrected me sooner)  Meade was the other general opposite Lee.  Shame on me…

Anyhow, so grateful for little fans in our tent and that we were only in a tent for a couple of nights.  We moved a bit farther south and are enjoying a great visit with my sister.  There is nothing like being able to hang out with your sister.  To laugh and talk and just be.  I sit here in her kitchen and think of all the conversations we have had while sitting on these chairs.  The laughter, the tears and even mourning the loss of her husband while sitting around this table.  I know if furniture could talk, this table would have tales to tell that would keep me entertained forever.

But, for now, we continue Baby Watch 2012.  I know the time is coming soon when he will be here and all the lovely memories I  have made up  to this point will pale in comparison.  Until I get to write again, thanks for stopping by.  DAF


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7 thoughts on “Baby Watch 2012–Day 3~Day 9–From Wedding Bells to Lightening Bugs to Sister Talks

  1. I’m choking up. I’ve been on the verge of happy tears for the past two weeks. Can’t wait to see you.

    Love and big hugs. Susie ~

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time! Your grandson is so lucky to be getting such cool grand parents who camp out on battle fields! Tables are the holders of all things, good, bad, great & sad.

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