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Written Words……. October 16, 2014

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I love opening up the reader section of my blog.  I scroll down the list of blogs I follow.  I click on each one, reading.  In between the first few words, I find it is like sharing my coffee with them.  It is like visiting with each person.  Laughing with them, crying with them, listening to them.  Each blog, different.  Each writer, unique. These people are different from the people I read on Facebook.   The people on Facebook are family, close friends.  I see them and have opinions at times.  There are running commentaries on things I see on Facebook.   Facebook people are those who I can just walk into their homes, pour my coffee and continue conversations.  Normal, familiar and expected. The people on my blog are friends.  Friends never met in person.  Friends who are as dear as those on Facebook, but also very different.  Bits and pieces of lives that have intersected mine.  A group of people who I could pass on a street and never realize that I know a bit more about them through their words. My blogging friends urge me in ways that others can’t.  They understand me through words that I write, since, they too struggle to sometimes fill a page, or at other times write things that they don’t think good enough.   I am grateful for my blogging buddies.  They inspire me to write more, to hone this craft that I want to have. This morning I have read a variety of things.  Poems that show personal ideas and ideals.  A love story, that crosses generations and is still poignant today.  Political views thatmade me laugh and go ‘huh’ at the same time. Today, I am grateful for written words.  They illuminate, inspire and challenge.  This has all reminded me of Psalm  119:105 By your words I can see where I’m going;  they throw a beam of light on my dark path. (the Message) Each word can encourage someone, can inspire someone, can lead someone to truth.  When I read, I try to see what the person really wants to say and I hope I can be smart enough to see and to listen.  Thank you to all of my blogging buddies for your words.  They make up several parts of my  day and I truly am thankful for you.   DAF

P.S.  This is the 300th post I have written, not much of an accomplishment to some I have read, but to me, it is amazing…. never thought I could get this far.  Thanks again for your support.  DAF


Could it be possibly be? October 15, 2014

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I really dislike warm weather.  I was excited to go to San Diego at first because I was leaving the 90 degree temps that are so common here in South Carolina in September.

I was excited until I realized that San Diego was hot also.

I felt like I couldn’t escape from the heat.  Upon returning to Charleston the temperatures were warm.  Not the 90′s, but high 80′s.  Yesterday I walked out of the house in the morning to walk our dog.  Opening the door, I was hit by warmth.  My immediate reaction was not positive (which fit in with my day yesterday).

Last night we had rain.  There was a bit of thunder with it also.  Hubby and I took our dog for his last walk last night and hubby remarked how much cooler it was.  We always disagree on the temperature, anything lower than 90 is cool to him.  Personally, the colder, the better.

This morning as I left the house for my morning walk, it was cooler!  I was so excited.  Maybe, possibly, summer is over?  After all, it is almost November.  The leaves are falling off some of the trees.  I think they are just done with the heat and have decided to commit suicide and leave the trees without changing any color.  (It’s hot, I’m done, good-bye cruel world!)

So, hopeful that the sun shining in the woods behind our home is a sign that it is now fall and soon the trees will be bare, I write about my favorite of seasons.  Fall, that season that says we survived the heat of summer.  Fall, that season that welcomes in the holidays.  Fall, that season where we can legally eat pumpkin pie and not be stared at for not eating berries.  Fall, that season that allows us to pull out sweaters and jeans and socks that cover the ankle.   Yes, I am excited.

Technically fall arrived a couple of weeks ago.  It says so on the calendars.  Also the stores are filled with Halloween, a bit of Thanksgiving and  Christmas.  The signs have all been here, except for the weather.  My sweatshirts are calling my name.  I hear them from the closet.  Now, if only this weather holds and gets a little colder…  Maybe, just maybe fall has arrived?

Thanks, DAF


Some Days… October 14, 2014

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There are some days where you should not be allowed to speak.

There are some days where you should not be allowed to speak or be around other people.

There are some days where you should not be allowed to speak or be around other people or allowed out of a closet.

I am considering going back to bed and waking up when it is not one of those days.



We all have issues October 12, 2014

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This is my niece. I have written some posts about her and I encourage you to stop by and visit her blog. You will be so thrilled to get to know her. Well done, Elizabeth, I love you. Your Aunt DAF

Originally posted on PDA: The Positive Disabled Adult:

Sometimes going out in public when your physically disabled is such a pain!

Like most people, I usually spend part of my weekend running errands, shopping for things like toothpaste or milk and getting ready for the week ahead. No matter where I go, it always ends up that people stare at me for how I walk or  how I look. (and it is not because of my beauty) Over time, I’ve learned to just ignore the stares and attempt to smile while I walk away.  I love when people treat me differently because of my disabilities! Like just because I may speak slightly slower or have an unsteady gait, that obviously gives someone the right to speak down to me like I’m a 2 year old or cannot comprehend a complete sentence. (that was sarcasm) Some people are ridiculous and so rude!

I’ve come to realize though that everyone…

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Cousins…. October 11, 2014

I know I have already written a post for today, but since the last time I wrote before this afternoon was September 10th, I figure one more post is not going to shatter world records.

I previously wrote about going to the home where I grew up as an adult.  It has not been a destination of mine for the past five years, but the past three weeks is a precursor to a few upcoming visits.

Little Man is about to have a cousin.  Little Miss is about to make her appearance.  Her mom has been on bed rest since the end of June.  She managed fine until about a month ago.  I went to help her out for three weeks.

It was a full three weeks.  Her home, although looked after, was not looked after the way she likes it.  So, I cleaned her house.  I cleaned the hood over the stove, I cleaned her countertops, I cleaned her floors, I cleaned her deck.  I cleaned and she smiled.  Sometimes it just takes your mom to fix things the way you want them.  I hope I did that well.

I also got to start in on the nursery.  The room that was to become Little Miss’ room was a mess, well, not exactly, it was a storeroom of sorts.  We got that cleared and I painted.  I painted that room two and half times.  The first time it was a basic covering, the second coat went on well and covered up most of what it was supposed to.  The third time I hit all the places missed the first two times.    The room is a sunny yellow, very bright and cheery.  Perfect for Little Miss.

Before I left, the room was almost complete.  The new carpet was laid, the furniture arrived and put together and the bedding washed and laid out.  The storeroom was now a sweet feminine room. Bright yellow mellowed by a gray carpet and white furniture and linens and curtains a combination of gray, white and butter yellow.  All waiting for Little Miss.

This was all fun, but the best part of the visit was the appointments my daughter has.  She has to go a couple of times a week to check on our little girl.  My daughter has been in a high risk pregnancy and it is one that the doctors did not think would progress past 30 weeks.  They were thrilled when she went past 34 weeks.  This week will start her 36th week.  We are thrilled.  Our Little Miss is spunky.

I have had the joy of being able to see our Little Miss via the twice weekly sonograms that are required.  Tears of joy filled my eyes when I first saw her.  I was then able to see her often and notice that she has her mother’s profile.  At one point she turned and looked at us with her eyes wide open as if to ask us what was going on.  Her eyes are the shape of her mom’s eyes too.

But, perhaps, the greatest thrill came when we went to the pregnancy specialist appointment.  It is an appointment my daughter dreads, and it is a stressful time.  This time, though, was fascinating to me.  I saw them measure the length of her little legs, I saw her heart beating, her lungs functioning and her brain waves measured.  I saw them watch and record what they were seeing.  It was all very clinical, but, to me, I saw a miracle.  Psalm 139:14 says, “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works,  And that my soul knows very well.”  (New King James Version)

So, our Little Man will be a cousin soon.  He will be a good one.  I hope he chases her and teases her and pulls her hair.  I hope she does the same.  For, I have a cousin, who, as children, we chased each other around.  We wrestled and because he was a boy, he would win.  But, there was this one time where I got the better of him.  This is what I hope for my grandchildren.  So, that when they grow they can visit and remember the times that were only once in a while, but filled with the best of memories.

We will head out west again soon, only this time I won’t have to look at a screen to see our Little Miss.  I will be able to hold her and see her little eyes filled with anticipation of things to come.

Thanks for stopping by, DAF


Home Again…

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This has been a busy year.  We usually do not travel much, the occasional trip to see Little Man (which is never often enough) and an occasional weekend away.

Although this year is almost over, I still feel like it is March.  The time has flown by that quickly.

The summer we spent in my hometown where I grew up as a child.  The past three weeks I was in my hometown where I grew up as an adult.

I wasn’t certain how I would respond to heading back to San Diego.  I know there are certain things I really miss and think about.  My oldest daughter, our close friends, the mountains and good Mexican food.  Always in that order, unless I am really hungry for a good shredded beef enchilada, then the mountains come in last place.

I haven’t really spent time in San Diego since we moved five years ago.  I had a long weekend a couple of years ago, but it was a whirlwind trip in and back out again.

This time, I had three weeks.  Three weeks to drive around, see the sights, see friends, eat, and eat some more.

The first few days I adapted to the change of time.  The time change always hits me harder when I go from the east to the west.  This time was no exception.  I was awake at odd times and sleepy at 7 p.m..  Fortunately, I can eat at any time day or night..

The rest of the time was spent helping out my daughter and enjoying myself.

What I realized when I flew out-of-town was this, I may not have considered San Diego as my ‘home’, but it is a vital part of who I am.  It has shaped me in many ways.  It has made me see things in a different light than if I had stayed in one place my whole life.

It is true that I grew up as a child in northwestern Pennsylvania, but I ‘grew up’ as an adult in San Diego.  I became the woman I am today because of my life there.  This time, when I left San Diego, I left a part of my heart there, and I took a part of southern California with me, and I think that is how it is supposed to be.

Thanks for stopping by,  DAF


Over three decades ago…. September 10, 2014

31 years ago today, I woke up and decided to have a cook-out.  We had friends coming over to help organize my new house and to help me out.

I got up, fixed some macaroni salad, put some beans in to bake and got hot dogs and hamburgers ready for the grill.

I made cherry kool-aid, as it is the go-to drink for military families and waited for our friends.

The friends came over, their kids played with out oldest and the grown ups organized the family room and unpacked some other boxes.  We fumigated the garage to get rid of the black widow spiders that had moved in along with us for some reason and we ate.

I remember this day clearly because it was the last day of my life without my youngest.  I had no idea the impact she would make on our family.  The joy she brings her older sister, the pride our oldest feels about her.  The jokes they share and the nick names they have.

She completed our family as it was then.  She made our family whole, even though we thought it was already great.

It seems impossible that tomorrow she will be 31(sorry Sweetie, but at least you are anonymous…).  The time seems to have sped by for her to be that age.

Yesterday we skyped together, she, our Little Man and me.  She told me of what her week is like, and what she is thinking and planning.  She was beaming with excitement and anticipation.  She filled my heart with joy that overflows my eyes with tears.  She is a gift to me.  I have told her that throughout her life.  She continues to be that gift.

Happy birthday eve, Sweetie.  May tomorrow be filled with laughter, love and lots of Little Man hugs and kisses.




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