I used to live in a major metropolitan city. Our house was situated on a hill and our property extended down the hill to the road. We had a deck on our upper floor and several times a week we would hear the helicopters circling overhead and see the lights flooding our lower lot. About the same time we would hear the sirens racing down the freeway which we could see from our home. I would race up to the deck and watch the action. It fascinated me. I also would pray for the officers involved in the activity. I would then watch the news to see what happened. Very rarely did any of the excitement make the news.

Now we lived in a rural area. It is quiet. We notice when a plane flies overhead, it’s that quiet. A couple of weeks ago we traveled to a couple of different places. The first stop we spent two nights at a hotel. The first night there we were awakened often by sirens. Turns out we were just down the street from the emergency response center, so sirens were going off all night long. The second night was a bit quieter.

On the way to our next destination we remarked at how noisy it was and how thankful we are to be in a rural area. We got to our next stop and it was quiet for the most part. We heard sirens but not like at the first place. The last night at that destination we were awakened by flashing lights and a weird noise. It actually reminded us of the scene in Polar Express where the train wakes the boy up. Hubby looked at me and asked what was going on. I leaned up and peeked out the window. What sounded like an alien invasion was just a street cleaner going down the street. We laughed and said we must be country bumpkins now. I remarked that I didn’t know street cleaners still existed.

Our next stop was to see our oldest and her family. We were only there a couple of days, but during that time we did get to see and hear the Navy’s jets fly across the sky. It’s a wonderful experience to see these pilots do their job.

So, we have been home for the past couple of days. It’s quiet and still. Hubby and I follow our community page on Facebook. We have read with interest about an incident with a particular vehicle and a driver who is not very considerate. Tonight while watching a movie we paused the movie to hear a siren. Yes, it’s that different to hear a siren that we pause a show to listen. After the movie, I opened my facebook page to read of the excitement in our town. There was a police action concerning this car and the driver. The post at my last glance had close to 200 comments. Still no one seems to know how it all ended. I told hubby I missed my upstairs deck where I could watch the excitement. He said he would build me one, but we know it would be impossible to see anything over the trees. As I thought of it all, I realized how things are the same. Lots of excitement and still I don’t know what is going on.

Thanks for stopping by tonight, Cathi (DAF)


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