Looking back…

I have spent this week looking back. Reminiscing, remembering, counting my blessings. Friday is my oldest daughter’s birthday. A day that changed my life forever. Nothing was the same as it was, and that is just one of the blessings I have considered this week. I was told early in our marriage that the possibilityContinue reading “Looking back…”


Sunday is Easter Sunday. For some, a time of Easter baskets filled with chocolate, jelly beans, marshmallow bunnies and other goodies. For others a time for a new spring dress, hats, accessories. Still others go to church for their yearly obligation to be fulfilled. I was raised as a Catholic. Easter week was spent mostlyContinue reading “Easter…”


Almost forty-two years ago we left Japan for Maine. I remember standing in the living room of our government quarters in Bangor, ME with tears running down my face. I was homesick. Not homesick for my hometown, but, lonesome for the familiarity of living in Japan. I wanted to be able to walk down theContinue reading “Scrapbooks….”


I have had my blog for several years and have only recently discovered blogging group pages on Facebook.   This past year I joined a group that I thoroughly enjoy.  There are few like this out in the ‘virtual’ world.    This group Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers    is a great group.   A few weeks ago there wasContinue reading “SIPB SUMMER BLOG TAG”

Sweet Memories

Still awake at almost 1 a.m., I turned the television onto the on demand channel. Under free movies, there was a Disney free movie section, which I scrolled down and decided on something to watch. The movie chosen this late night/early morning is “The Sword In the Stone”. The animated story of King Arthur pullingContinue reading “Sweet Memories”