Come and See, The Chosen. A Review…

I have never written a review. I don’t consider my opinion to be one that others would think would accurately describe something, so I have avoided such things. A couple of weeks ago, a Christian blogging page I follow asked a question if God had ever asked you to do something out of your comfort zone in your writing. This is it.

We watched the first season of The Chosen a year ago. We couldn’t stop watching. We have seen the first shows of season two. Each episode has brought tears to my husband and I. Our hearts have been touched by what we have seen. Still not enough to write a review. Then… How many times has there been a then…? In my life, there have been several instances where there has been that time and several times I have ignored that prompting. This time I cannot. So, here goes…

My husband and I were born again in 1977. We were overseas and I know most of our friends and family thought we had gone off the deep end. Our letters were filled with ramblings of the excitement we felt in ‘meeting the Lord’. Scriptures filled our pages as we desperately tried to convey our newfound love for our Lord. I can only imagine the groans of my sisters seeing a letter addressed to them from our FPO address, thoughts of another lecture on righteousness. I know that I have since appeared to be a goody two shoes, one who doesn’t do much. If only they knew how I truly am. They would see differently.

Then comes this show, The Chosen. I see my sisters talking about it, glowing reports of how wonderful the show is. I watch. Once more, they are right.

I half expected when I tuned into the show that I would see Jesus portrayed as a constipated person. I don’t mean that to be sacrilegious it’s just that most actors are so stern at playing Jesus, they come off looking constipated. At least that is my opinion (again, why I do not review). This Jesus is how I have pictured Him. Real. Approachable. Smiling. Exhorting. Encouraging. Laughing. Dancing. Caring. Healing. Restoring.

The writers, the actors are portraying onscreen what I have fumbled and failed to convey when talking about my Savior. They have expressed the comfort, the love, the safety I feel when I look into the eyes of Jesus during prayer time or when I am reading my Bible.

The episodes give a backstory to the people we know through Sunday school, sermons, reading. You see the humanity that most likely we could see had we lived in that time. Instead of the glossed over images that covered felt boards in a Sunday school classrooms, you see a living, breathing human being, flawed and normal. The disciples did not walk around with halos appearing over their heads. They were like me. Having a temper, having doubts and fears, having good days and bad days. They laughed, I have always believed my God has a sense of humor, after all, He created me. They cried. They danced and rejoiced. Same as we do.

This series is a gift to me. A boost to my heart. It does not replace my need to fellowship. It does not replace my need to read or pray. What it does is encourage me to be more. It reminds me of that excitement I felt in 1977. When, for the first time I had my heart opened up by my Creator. He sparked in me a joy I had never experienced. I truly felt alive for the first time. Like Matthew, in the series, when he was called, he left everything behind to follow Jesus. I have experienced that. I have felt that call and walked away from how I was raised, what I was taught and followed. Again, this series reflects what I have failed to convey happened deep within me.

I recommend this series to those of you who have not seen it. You can catch some episodes on You Tube, you can also download the app on your app store. Come and See what the hype is. I know you will enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by, Cathi (DAF)


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4 thoughts on “Come and See, The Chosen. A Review…

  1. Oh, I totally agree! You expressed it well. I especially love to see Jesus’ smile when he heals someone. I know he smiled at laughed. I’m “getting used to different”.

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