R.I.P. Mousse…

A  little over 13 years ago, dear friends of ours had a sweet chocolate lab enter their lives.  They called her Mousse.  Mousse passed away two weeks ago tomorrow.

My heart broke when I heard this news.  It broke for sadness that Mousse was no longer with us, but, more importantly, it broke for my friends hearts.  I wish I lived closer to where they are so that I could go and hug on them and cry with them.

What really makes this hard is that we got our Shugo shortly after they got Mousse.  With Mousse’s passing, it is just one more reminder that our time with our little furry pup is coming to an end.

Dogs do not live forever on this earth.  They do live forever in our hearts.  They climb into our hearts with that first lick, that first bark, that first ‘accident’ on the floor.

Three weeks ago we had to take our Shugo to the vet.  It was a difficult thing, since we did not have a vet in our new place. We looked online, read reviews and made a quick decision.  Fortunately, it was a good decision.  Our little pup was very ill, and although he is up and acting almost like his normal self, we know (from what the vet has told us) he is not well.

So, knowing how precious the time we have with our pets is, I wanted to take this time and remember one of Shugo’s closest friends, Mousse.  She was a fun lab.  She greeted everyone at the door with a bark that sounded vicious, but a tail that wagged with such vigor and excitement.  She loved to be petted and if you stopped too soon, she would take her nose and place it under your hand to urge you to continue petting her.  She loved playing with Shugo, well, eventually she enjoyed it…   She taught our Shugo how to drink water from a bowl, and he still emulates a lab when he drinks, with gusto and lapping it all over the place.  Most of all, Mousse was a sweetheart.  She could lay on your feet and rest, content to be by you.

Yes, Mousse was a special puppy.  She stole the heart of so many and she will be remembered always.

Thanks for stopping by,  DAF…

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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

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