4th of July…

As I  have gone through my Facebook page several times today, I have read all the wishes for a Happy 4th of July.  I have read blogs talking about this wonderful country and there is a part of me that wants to stand up today, hoist a flag and cheer for our beloved country.  I am certain I would only be one of several million today to feel that way.

Three things I have read today have made a deep impression in my heart.  One was a statement by a dear friend on Facebook.  It simply said, “Why are there no knock-knock jokes about America?  Because Freedom rings.”  I knew he would come up with something so humorous but simply stated, true.

Another was a video posted by  good friend who is currently serving our country in the U.S. Navy.  It was a Navy video of the navy’s version of fireworksIt is a great video for me, being a retired navy wife.

The third post that truly spoke to me today was from a fellow blogger,  athingirl.com.  Here is her post today.

Today there will be picnics everywhere.  Families will be together.  Friends will gather to celebrate.  Fireworks, sparklers, poppers will burst forth in bright lights.  Patriotic songs will be heard and tears of gratitude will be shed.

Today I am doing ordinary things.  Laundry.  Cooking.  Walking the dog.  Nothing spectacular, nothing special.  But, I am thrilled about this.  I am thrilled because I CAN do the ordinary on an extraordinary day.  I can have a normal day because of those who risk their lives, who suffer separation from loved ones, who go without so I can be ordinary.

I am proud of my country.  I am a flag-waver.  I am like this 365 days a year, I confess.  But, because of the bravery of a handful of men in the beginning of a new country I can be like I am.  Those men who signed that Declaration so many years ago, standing firm in the face of grave danger and imprisonment, admitting that they were the ones who were determined to start this country, I can be ordinary.

To those who are fighting today to keep me free, thank you.  To those who served while there was no major battles, but still did dangerous things, I am proud to have been a small part of keeping the home fires burning.

Yes, today is a day of celebration, I hope you enjoy each moment of this day.  I also hope that tomorrow you continue to remember what a great country we live in.  DAF


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

7 thoughts on “4th of July…

  1. A very poignant essay indeed…I think people do realize we live in such a great country especially when you see what’s going on in the world. We can do whatever we pretty much want within the parameters of the law…we can write DAF anything we want without censure. First Amendment rights can never be taken for granted

    I forgot your husband was in the navy…I salute him today.

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