Being Uneasy…

There is a conversation from the movie, “While You Were Sleeping” that I often think of.  The conversation is between the late Peter Boyle’s character and Bill Pullman’s character.  It goes like this:

Peter Boyle: “Life is a pain in the ass. l´ll tell ya. You know?  You work hard, try to provide for the family, and then, for one minute,  everything´s good. Everyone´s well. Everyone´s happy.   ln– ln that one minute, you have peace.”

Bill Pullman: “Pop, this isn´t that minute.”

This has been my life the past few months.   Life has been that proverbial pain for the past few years, but, in that time I have had seasons of peace, hope and encouragement.  The past few months, well, it is sort of like eating a wonderfully sweet chocolate cupcake and washing it down with tart lemonade.  It just doesn’t set right.   It makes you uneasy.

This has been a summer unlike any other in recent history.  Nothing is right.  I am watching my husband deal with situations with his brothers that should have been dealt with years ago.  They weren’t dealt with, and it built up and now we are in our hometown for an extended period trying to undo years of build up.

I see my youngest  who is a wonderful mother and wife and that part is great.  She has that one minute of peace, for the most part.  For the most part, except she is struggling with career issues.  Nothing to panic about, but, still issues that make her life complicated and hard for her.

My oldest is dealing with things that complicate her life.  I hear in her voice concern, and I am trying to be there for her, but these are things she is dealing with.

In fact, all around me are things that others that I love and care about are dealing with.  I truly cannot help anyone.  I can’t make anything better.  I would like to smack some heads , but, in the long run, that would not help anything or anyone.

I am frustrated, and uneasy.  My nature is to nurture, and help, and fix things.  I have no tool belt to fix any of the situations this summer.  There is no fine print in my mother’s contract or my marriage contract that can direct me on how to ‘repair’ any of this.

I am useless.  Yes, I know there is support in the way of conversation and fixing food and washing clothes and prayer.  I have done all of this.

Dear hubby has told me over and over his quote for situations like this, “Worry is like an ugly dog, it looks worse coming, than going.”  I get what he means, but, somehow, that just doesn’t cut it.

Again, hubby has quoted the wise counsel of my younger sister, “Will this matter in six months?”  Usually, I look at him and say, ‘No,’  because I know that even in six weeks something else will come along and all of my current thoughts will have been long forgotten.  When hubby asked  me the other day the question about six months from now, I thought for a moment and was truthful.  The truth being that in six months some of this will still matter to me.    He asked if it would still matter in a year.  That, I did not know, and told him so.

What has struck me about all of this, is that although I am an easy-going person who can roll with the punches, I have found that this summer, I cannot.  Each roll of the punch feels like it is a stomach punch.  It hits hard and the pain lingers.

I know that there are seasons in life where pain is constant.  Things happen and life happens.  I have had these experiences before.  It’s not that I fight it, because that makes no sense to do that.  It is just that sometimes there are constant reminders of what is happening in your world, and sometimes joy is absent from those situations.  Are these bad times?  No.  I don’t believe they are bad, just difficult.  I know that growth, personal, emotional and spiritual all come in hard times.  That is a good thing.

What has made this season difficult is I am not among my own things.  I am not in my home, my kitchen, my laundry room.  I am removed from those who would encourage me with hugs and distractions.  I am in my hometown that has reminders of my life all around me.   A life I left almost forty years ago.

So, I go on.  Uneasy.  Close to tears, always.  I keep thinking of the story I have heard often in church, how the eagle stirs the nest when she wants her eaglet to take flight.  It is in reference to Deuteronomy 32:11,

He was like an eagle hovering over its nest,
        overshadowing its young,
    Then spreading its wings, lifting them into the air,
        teaching them to fly.
(The Message)

Underneath all that I am feeling, I have a sneaking suspicion that I am once more learning to fly.  It is my hope that this is what it is, because sometimes I am feeling like I might have fallen out of a nest high up and the ground is approaching sooner than I am ready for.

I know this was not a short, light-hearted post.  Thank you for sticking with it, if in fact you did.  This is what has churned in my mind while not writing this summer.  It was what was tied up in my post about words and the effect they have on you.  Sometimes in life you hear words uttered that you never wanted to hear and once you do hear them they echo about, bouncing on your thoughts and again you eat a chocolate cupcake and drink some lemonade.    Uneasy.

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10 thoughts on “Being Uneasy…

  1. Sometimes the complexities of life are so overwhelming for sure. Thank God we can roll all of our burdens onto Him. I pray for His peace on you 😉

  2. It’s such an awful feeling to be impotent in any situation when you want so much to help. When you mentioned you would like to smack some heads I thought what a good idea. Literally or metaphorically. Families are such a nightmare to deal with in these situations. You’d think it should be easy to cuff them round the head and tell them to get over themselves. So much easier when kids are kids rather than grown kids with partners and a lifetime of baggage.
    But, as you say, these things are of long standing and habits are grown into of how they deal/speak with one another. In the end, I suppose, all you can do is be as honest as you can and let the chips fall. At least as far as your husband’s family is concerned. There can only really be healing if all concerned want it.
    Your daughters I’m sure know that you are there for them in whatever way you can be and, while it’s not easy to stand by when they are hurting, sometimes all you can do is hold and hug.
    I wish there were some advice or words to give that would answer and give your mind ease at this time. And it sure is not made any easier by being away from your own home. I think your husband’s words of reassurance are worth their weight and maybe trying to allow those to be the perspective held would alleviate some of the stress you feel.
    I do hope it is sorted out for the good of all. And that you are able to return home and resume your life. Take care of yourself.x

  3. Oh, momus, thank you so very much for your kindness. I will remember what you have written and I will carry it with me. It means so much to me for you to take the time and energy to write such words to me. Thank you for being you and know you are appreciated. x

  4. I’d say I know how you feel but no one can know how YOU feel so I’ll simply say I can feel the pain in your words.

    As difficult as it is to go through difficult times, we all do. And you will come out of the other side eventually. Of course those things will matter in six months or a year or even ten years.

    Our experiences shape who we are and while you will have new things to deal with and new experiences to go through, these things will help shape the person who emerges on the other side.

    Keeping you in prayer!

    God Bless!

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