Life is an adventure in forgiveness. ~Norman Cousins

I saw this quote yesterday.  It struck a chord in me when I read it.  I began to think of forgiveness.  It’s most likely the easiest thing we can do that is also the hardest thing we can do.

The past few weeks has been a series of missteps for me. I have felt like I have been in a house of doors.  You know the kind of place, doors everywhere.  You open one and step through it only to find it leads nowhere except to more doors and dead ends.

Having a season like this truly frustrates me.  I berate myself and tend to withdraw.  I get angry and am not very pleasant to be around.  I know how I am.  I am not saying this to beckon encouragement or compliments.  I am stating a fact.

I love forgiveness.  I have experienced it several times in my life.  I have asked forgiveness often.  I do it regularly with the Lord.  I do it just as often  with my family and my husband.  I have been forgiven graciously by them.

What I have thought of the past few hours since reading this quote is, I don’t forgive myself.  I don’t allow myself the grace to make missteps.  I demand perfection of myself when others who love me don’t.

I don’t have a solution to this, but I think I need to allow myself some absolution.  Mr. Cousins was correct, life is a series of forgiveness, even when we have to forgive ourselves.

Thanks for stopping by today, it’s been a while and I appreciate you.  DAF



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9 thoughts on “Absolution…

  1. I was commenting on a post similar to this a few days ago. About the inability we often have to forgive ourselves. Someone once told, me or I read it somewhere, that being unforgiving of ourselves is a pride thing. Almost like we’re saying to god ( or others ) ‘I know better than you’. For me, at the time, it was a release to allow myself the knowledge that I did not know better and I relaxed into the knowledge that I could afford to forgive myself. If God can then so must I.x

  2. Hello my dearest long lost one,
    I was away on a trek and I did miss our interactions hopefully u are still well and healthy,lots of love

  3. I couldn’t figure out why you hadn’t written in so long until I realized today that I accidentally unfollowed your blog! Glad to see you are still writing and the mistake was all on my end. I always enjoy your words.

  4. I love the quote you’ve given here. Sometimes it’s easier to forgive others than it is to forgive ourselves. Take care xxx

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