Houses for Hospitals…

One Christmas just a few years ago, our dear friends were living for a short time in San Diego.  Their children were living in D.C. and they could not join their folks for Christmas.

We determined that we would make certain to keep them occupied during the Christmas season to let then not feel like they were all alone.

My friend, who is extremely talented and blogs at Summerwalk Designs, made two gingerbread houses.  I knew that she had made gingerbread houses through the years.  She started when (or at least I think she started) we lived across the street from one another in Maine.  I had never really seen one of her houses in years and was excited to see the ones she made that year.

She spent at least a week getting them ready and called to let us know she had a plan for a Friday night.  Hubby and I arrived at their apartment and found out we were going to go to the children’s’ hospital and deliver the houses.  I love the Children’s hospital in San Diego, they are an incredible facility and having spent time there in the rheumatology department with my youngest, I was thrilled to be able to deliver some fun to the kids and the staff there.

The gingerbread houses  were beautiful.  Each embellishment was perfectly placed and the icing made the houses whimsical.  The four of us drove up to the hospital and delivered the houses to the ward that was previously arranged to accept them.

The staff was gracious in receiving the gifts of the houses.  They were touched by the kindness and love of this couple.  We left the hospital and went out for the evening.

I think we had coffee and dinner and most likely went to look at the Christmas tree at the Hotel Del Coronado.  I really cannot remember.  What I do remember is the outpouring of care and love that my friend freely gave.  While we were trying to make her feel less lonely, she showed us her gift of selfless giving.  I learned compassion and care that night.  It is a gift that keeps giving and giving.

The best part of this story? This wonderful friend, this talented woman who teaches compassion is Little Man’s Nana, she is my friend, and my daughter’s mother in law.  She continues to bless us all and tonight, I am very grateful for her.

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