Each year hubby and I watch Christmas movies.  This is something we love to do together.  Tonight we watched The Polar Express, and once more, I cried through it.

I was first introduced to this story when our youngest was in the fifth grade.  Her teacher had read the story to the class and she wanted a copy for her Christmas gift.  We bought the book and I loved the illustrations and story.

When the movie came out we went together to see it.  That is when I started to cry through it.  We bought it as soon as it came out.  When our youngest left home, I made certain she had a copy also.

So, tonight, we sat and watched it once more.  There are subjects in the movie that move me deeply.  They talk about friendship, leadership, learning and believing.

Yes, they tie it all in to Santa and Christmas, but to me, it speaks to the truth of what Christmas is.  The themes resonate within me.  The need to learn new things in areas that we think we already know.  I realize often how much I discover in things that are familiar.  There is always a nuance that I have missed in things around me, be it a smell in the air or a color in the clouds or a deeper laugh coming from my hubby.  There are things to learn in our everyday world.

Friendship is an area that I love.  I have always been uncertain in friendship.  I tell myself it is because I am an introvert, but, truthfully, I am timid and so afraid I won’t be the friend that deserves a friend.  I try to make certain I cherish friendships and hold the people I call friends close.

Leadership is an area I respect.  I would love to be a leader.  I have tried that role occasionally, and sometimes I succeed, other times I have to remind myself that I can get people lost going to my bathroom.  I relate to the character of the girl who hesitates when someone asks, “Are you sure?” .   I know that character.

The theme that resonates through the movie is belief.  Hearing the bell ring clearly and beautifully is part of the belief.  I cry when he hears the bell ring.  I cry because it reminds me of when I told the Lord that I believe in Him.  It wasn’t that I didn’t before.  I did.  But, to make the firm statement, “I believe” is an act of will.  It is verbally saying it aloud and with conviction.  It is a recognition in my heart that my belief is real and true and strong.  It won’t waver, it won’t stop.

Like the character  says at the end of the movie, “Though I’ve grown old the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe.”  So, it is with me, there is a chord in my heart that rings true and clear and through the years, it has not faded or grown dull.  It is my belief, my hope, my joy.  I think on it often during this season where we celebrate His birth.

Thanks for stopping by tonight, DAF


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