Twas a month before Christmas Eve…

One month from tonight will be Christmas Eve.  I am still a child when it comes to Christmas.  I still get excited on Christmas Eve.  I know exactly what is under the tree and I know what the following day will hold, but there is still a part of me that is a child.  The anticipation of Christmas is something I cherish.

I have decided that for the next month, I will write about Christmas.  My thoughts, my memories and whatever else comes to mind about this wonderful celebration.

Today started a Christmas season for me.  I belong to a small group of lovely women.  We are a supper club.  We meet once a month and eat.  What could be better?  Visiting, eating, drinking and dessert?  A winning combination.

This morning we met for lunch.  We went to a seafood restaurant on the water.  It was cold out, so we just looked at the water from the warmth of our table.  We lingered around lunch for just a bit and then headed to our destination.

We went to Mepkin Abbey  for their Creche Festival.  It was a wonderful show with nativity scenes from all over the world.  Some of the displays were outdoors, and the rest were in the library.   The library was transformed into a forest with trees everywhere.  In between the evergreens were displays of the nativity.  It was an incredible collection and it changes each year.

Here are some of the pictures from my adventure today.  I hope you enjoy them, and if you ever get a chance to visit, I highly recommend it!

Holy Family Iron Creche


Found Objects Creche

A unique display

Nepal nativity (I believe)

Lithuanian Nativity

Vatican Reproduction

Thanks for stopping by today.  What is everyone else doing to kick off their Christmas season?    DAF


2 thoughts on “Twas a month before Christmas Eve…

  1. A supper club sounds like a lovely tradition. I have a very unusual nativity set that was made in Italy. I fell in love with it and my parents purchased it for me when we got our first home. All of these are so interesting. I love the one with the exaggerated faces.

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