I love technology….

Yesterday was hubby’s birthday.  It was a good day, we went to a matinée, exchanged a shirt that was the wrong size and went to dinner at our favorite little Italian place.  We came home, and poor hubby laughed while I sang happy birthday to him.  He blew out his candles (only 1/10 of what should have been on there) and for all intents and purposes, his birthday was over.  Done.  Complete for another year.  Except….

We got a Skype call.  I love Skype!  I love when I hear the tones and see the prompt to either answer the call or decline.  I never decline.  Especially when I know who is on the other side of the prompt.  Usually before the video stream comes up I can hear the little squeals.  This now made hubby’s birthday complete for we were able to visit with our daughter and son-in-law and most importantly, Little Man.

They were finishing up their own dinner and Little Man was still having his.  Their laptop was on the table and we were able to visit with the three of them and see what Little Man was up to.  He babbled on and showed us he is now using a fork to eat.  He was eating peas and other veggies last night.  His beef part was already gone.  He was eating with gusto and talking away.  He told us about all the people he knows.  His Nana, his Biggie, his auntie and the woman who manages their apartment building.  He adores her and will walk with whatever big person will take him to see her.  She plays with him and lets him get a bottle of water which he carries around with him for the rest of the day.  It’s never opened, he just likes to play with it.

He tried to say happy birthday to his Grampy, but mostly we did what we did for his birthday.  We yelled happy birthday and then stuck our arms in the air and yelled yea!!!  He joined in and we all laughed.  I am not certain when his Poppa left the table and when his Momma was dropped out of the conversation, we were too involved in looking at Little Man.

It was a wonderful conversation, but the best part was when he called me ‘Ammy’ and hubby he called ‘PP’.  Now, I know these won’t be the names we will carry with him, but it was the first time he called us anything and that was the best gift ever.

So, today, although is it overcast and rainy and sleep did not exist last night, our hearts are filled with sunshine.  It is a lovely day when you know that your heart has recognized you and is forming a connection verbally with you.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I appreciate your visit.  DAF

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2 thoughts on “I love technology….

  1. It is wonderful isn’t it? So glad you “both” enjoyed the birthday chat. He is becoming a real little chatter box too. And the expressions – what a hoot *laughing*

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