Everyone Loves a Parade…. 31 Days of Observing…

I remember the parades when I was young.  There was the high school band with the majorettes, the Shriners on their little cars, the bagpipe bands and clowns throwing candy to the crowd gathered along the street.  There were balloons and excitement and it was fun.  I love parades!  I love the energy of the crowds and the faces of little ones watching.  Who doesn’t love that community feeling of watching floats and bands go by?
Last night I could not sleep.  Yes, there is a connection here.   As I lay awake, something that happens every couple of weeks, it occurred to me that each sleepless night unfolds the same way.   I lay there and all of a sudden, here comes the parade!  The same thoughts march through my mind.  It’s a boring parade.  The line up is always the same.  It’s the same floats, the same band playing the same song.  I have had sleepless nights for years and it wasn’t until last night that I realized that when I have a night like that, my mind goes in the same direction.  What is worse, no one is throwing candy to me!
So, late last night, or should I say early this morning, I figured out that I need to change that parade.  At the very least, maybe change-up the order of the parade.  None of the thoughts I have are horrible.  They are just things that during the night I think on too hard.  Most of them are things that I cannot do anything about.  Like wondering if my geraniums are still prolific in my home in San Diego, or if we were actually buying the home we are in, how would I remodel the living room?  Things like these.  They take my thought process and before I know it, I am planning things in detail that will never happen.
So, this morning, after observing the parade in my mind, I am up and moving.  I also have a mental checklist to not allow this same parade to march through my mind in a couple of weeks…. that is, unless someone throws me some candy…
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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

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