The Adventure Begins…

For the past month or so, I have hinted at changes about to take place in my life.  I thought that the adventure would begin by now.  I figured I would have been on the work force and getting settled into a job by now.

Turns out, I have a reprieve from the job hunting for the time being.  At least until this summer.  But, the adventure will begin before the summer.  In fact, for me, the adventure truly began this morning.

I knew the adventure was lurking around the corner, soon to appear, but I thought I would have a couple more days until it officially happened.  This morning, after a somewhat sleepless night, I checked my email.  My dear hubby had a very early wake up time today and got up around 3:30 this morning.  He was up for a few hours and then headed back to bed when the sun was up for a few more hours sleep.

I got up before he got back up, so I went to my laptop to see what had happened overnight.  What happened was that the owners of this lovely home we are renting got in touch with my dear hubby to confirm that, yes, they are returning to the states, and yes, they do want to live in their home.

So, good morning, DAF!  Time to move!  Time to haul out that packing material and boxes.  Time to buy tape and lots of it.  Time to really clean out those closets and drawers.  Time to go to a dark corner and assume the fetal position and pretend you didn’t just read what you read.

Most of my day was spent exploring rentals in this area.  It was a little more encouraging than I thought it would be.  We are fortunate in that we do have until the first of May to find a place and move, but I confess, I am not excited about the prospect of it all.

Adventures can be fun.  But, they can be filled with detours and dead ends and lost trails.  As a retired navy wife, I know how to move and organize for a move.  The key word in the last sentence is ‘retired’.  I had hoped that at my age I still wouldn’t be doing this.  Somehow, though, that doesn’t make for an adventure.    So, for now, I will begin to clean out the drawers.  I will dust off my packing skills.  I will start to outfit myself for an adventure.  I will cling to ONE who has gotten me through so many adventures I didn’t want to be on.   Matthew 28:20 b says, And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age (new living translation).  I know He has been with me, and I have to trust that He will be for this move.   I just hope this time He provides the energizer bunny to come along beside me to lift those heavy objects!

I will keep you posted on the progress of my ‘adventure’.  I think going to Disneyland sounds like more fun, or even a root canal for that matter.

Thanks for stopping by!  DAF


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4 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins…

  1. We are hoping to stay in the same area, still looking for a place to land. time is getting away and the boxes are slowly filling up, we have til the end of this month and I am trying hard not to panic! So glad you stopped by. hope all is well.

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