Faithful Friends…

When I was in the fourth grade we were separated into groups for a science project.  I think the groups were only groups of two, and we were given an assignment and a time allotment to do the task.  The name of our project was “The effects of different environments on snails.”   A real thrilling assignment, right?

I was put into a group with a girl who had been in our class since first grade.  We knew each other, naturally since we had been in class together.  But, being thrown into a group project always gives you a better feel for the other person.

I knew where to get the snails since the family I babysat had an aquarium and they had snails galore.  They gladly said I could use their snails for the experiment.  (At the time, I did not realize how quickly snails multiplied.)  My partner had a fish bowl, which we needed.  Perfect combination, right?

Well, she was a better student than I was, and she wrote the bulk of the essay and I think I may have drawn the pictures and collected the data.  We really did do horrible things to those poor snails and suffice it to say that PETA most likely would have come and carried me off if I were to do this project today.  We did learn that snails really cannot survive many ways.  (C’mon, you give two fourth graders license to experiment on a mollusk that repopulate quickly, what do you expect?).

Anyhow, that experiment started a beautiful friendship.  We stayed friends from the fourth grade until this day.  She left this morning to drive back to her home in Pittsburgh.  We had a wonderful week together.  We shopped, we ate, we talked until we were hoarse and we ate some more.  We laughed so much this week and got caught up on each others’ families and lives.  It was a beautiful week.

Since hubby is still visiting our oldest, we were able to have a week of girl time.  We missed him (a little), but this visit was one of the very best.  Years were erased and we recalled all the adventures we have had.  We also planned some adventures to come, including what we would sneak to each other if we ever end up in a nursing home.

I love the fact that into our lives come people who bless us through many seasons of our lives.  I have been blessed with many wonderful friends.  My life is enriched by them all.  They each play an important part of who I am and how I function in this world.  Today I am grateful that snails can also cement a friendship 51 years ago.

Thanks for stopping by today.  DAF


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