Slow Dance into Fall

In mid August I wrote a post about autumn approaching.  How there was a nuance of its impending arrival… well, here we are in late September and the temperature is still in the mid 70’s creeping up into the low 80’s.  Autumn, when are you going to fall? As I was walking my dear littleContinue reading “Slow Dance into Fall”


Ramblings from a would be writer…

What a week!  Not bad, actually, but filled.  This post won’t be about anything in particular, but, as the title suggests, it will be a rambling of what is on my mind. A couple of weeks ago I decided  that come September 1st, I was going to start to run again.  Not a huge decision asContinue reading “Ramblings from a would be writer…”

Same Stuff… Different Day

Have you ever answered someone’s question with my title?  Doing the same thing as you did yesterday, last week, last month, but the day was different.  That was the only difference in your schedule. I have thought recently about topics like this.  Same stuff, different day.  One more time around the mountain.  Here we goContinue reading “Same Stuff… Different Day”

The Good, The Bad and The Ouch?

(Disclaimer: this is not a serious post.  Also, this is not a long post)   Big puffy clouds hanging across the deep blue sky.  Some dark and foreboding (rain possibly?  Danger?) The time: high noon (well give or take a few minutes) Our shadows drift eerily across the road in front of us.  Puppy isContinue reading “The Good, The Bad and The Ouch?”

A Lovely Evening for a Walk

My daily routine is to walk our dear puppy a couple of times a day.  This walk is down to our pool/playground area twice and then in the evening, a walk around the block. The past couple of nights it has been so pleasant, I have done a third walk down to the pool area.  Continue reading “A Lovely Evening for a Walk”