The One About Waiting….

I am a good wait-er, not to be confused with being a waiter (that would be disastrous). I have written about waiting several times in this blog and I find it is a subject that I come back to often. We all wait, we all know what it’s like. As a child, we would waitContinue reading “The One About Waiting….”

It became second nature…

We have spent increased time at the Veteran’s Hospital this past month.   Appointments and classes and tests have given us the chance to drive up to the mountains and spend some of our days at this facility. Yesterday, we were there for an appointment for my hubby.  Some friends of ours went along with us,Continue reading “It became second nature…”


Yesterday my dear hubby had minor surgery.  It was a procedure he has had several times in our marriage, one that usually takes place in a physician’s office. However, yesterday the procedure took place in an real operating room at the hospital.  The doctor wanted to make certain he had the facilities available to him inContinue reading “Waiting….”