It’s only the beginning of August, I know.  But, somehow, during this past week there has been a change.

As I sit and look out to our screen porch, I notice the shadows.  The room is not filled with sunlight like it was just a week ago.  This morning, it is filled with lazy shadows.  The sun has cast its light on the trees and bushes around the house and it filters long and lazy shadows on the screen.  When I went out earlier, it was warm and humid, but not like it was.  There is that ever faint, ever timid feeling that fall is coming soon.

I know school is about to start and families are stocking up on school supplies and clothes, but summer is hanging on, trying to get the last few weeks of swimming and gardening and weeding and sweating out of us.

I love days like this, where you still want to put on a swimsuit, but are also tempted to find a cozy corner and sip something with winter spices in it.  I love when the Lord  gives you a suggestion of the next season all the while keeping it the current one.  It’s a day of smiles at how seasons pass.

Me?  On this glorious day that hints of fall and feels like summer?  I am sitting with my jeans on sipping a wonderful iced coffee.   Hope you enjoy your weekend.  I think I will.  Thanks for stopping by, DAF (Cathi)


The Middle of August, almost…

Each year about this time, I want it to be fall.  I want to pull out my leaf garland and my pumpkins and have it be fall.  I know that it is still summer.  It is still hot and humid out, but, there is always just a hint of fall in the air around this time.

Moving to a new place, I am really aware of that certain something in the air.  Some of our leaves are turning yellow.  This may be normal for the bushes,  I really don’t know.  I have to say, though, those yellow leaves are only adding to my anticipation of fall.

It’s fun to be in a new home this year.  Seeing the differences each day that either I hadn’t noticed, or that something has changed.    The pool is still beckoning me to jump in and swim, but, something in my thought process has changed.  I can’t wait to see the leaves change colors, to see them fall, and even have it cool enough to rake them.

But, for now, I will sit and wait,listening to the cicadas and knowing the season will soon be here and before I know it, I will be putting Christmas decorations away and looking forward to spring flowers.  There is a big kid inside me.  The kid that is always looking forward to the next thing.  That kid needs to have a time out to stop and notice the beauty and the things in front of her now.

Thanks for stopping by.  DAF

Summer Ending…

Tomorrow is the middle of August.  August is still before that magic holiday that somehow marks the end of fun days and vacation days.  Labor Day is not until September.  To me, Labor Day is the day that marks the end of summer.  It’s like the door closing on so many things.  Pools close, parks close, kids leave the streets, playgrounds empty… it all goes hand in hand.

This year, though, I have noticed that summer appears to have ended sooner than I expected.  We went to the pool today and realized there were only four more swim days left.  Our neighborhood, although always quiet, seems even more desolate.  The leaves seem to be falling already in the back yard.  (Of course, that could be from the heat and not much rain).

The stores all have back to school sales and items and signs coaxing people into buying school supplies within.

It’s not that I am a big fan of summer, I am not.  I love autumn.  I love cooler weather.  This year, however, summer seems to have slipped by, making an early exit.

A part of me wants to follow the trend.  I want to remove my wreath with its red, white and blue decorations and replace it with my wreath filled with oranges and browns.  I want to pull out my pumpkins and go ahead with autumn.  Something is keeping me from doing that this year.  I want to hang on to summer just a bit longer.  I want to complain about the heat and humidity and mosquitoes just a bit more.

Time seems to be flying by too quickly.  I haven’t felt this way since I was in school myself and didn’t want to have a schedule yet.  But, school is starting for children.  Neighbors are packing up their college age children with dormitory things filling the back of pick up trucks.  Friends who are teachers are heading back to the classroom, and I , I must let go of summer.

I know it will not hurt to let go of this season, it never does.  Autumn has so many wonderful things about it.  But, I cannot deny a small sadness within me that is sorry to see summer end this year.

 There is something deep within us that sobs at endings. Why, God, does everything have to end? Why does all nature grow old? Why do spring and summer have to go? ~ Joe Wheeler

Enjoy the remaining days of summer, have a bar-b-que, plan a picnic, enjoy the bugs and ants and mosquitoes, for soon, we will complain about the ice, the cold, the wind and having to wear a sweater or coat.   DAF