My Heart and Little Man…

It’s been almost two weeks since I left Little Man.  Almost two weeks of living with my heart somewhere else.  I have survived, but it is lonely.

My visit with L.M. went much too fast.  He is full of life.  He laughs often, talks even more than laughing, and sings.  His current favorites, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and “ABC’s” get new words and phrases thrown into them.  It is toddler skatting.  (Urban Dictionary defines skatting: To sing with no words. An old form of singing popular in the early part of the 20th century. )  If anyone joins in with him, he is enveloped with gales of laughter which is contagious.

Time since I flew home has quickly passed.  It’s just that type of season in my life.  I have been focused on events around me, but, lurking in the background is a shadow.  It is the reminder that I truly did leave my heart.  Not in San Francisco as the song goes, but, in D.C..

It will be another couple of months before I get to see him again, so, until then, I wait for more first hand stories and lessons from Little Man.

Thanks for stopping by today, DAF


Back to the Basics

John is our pastor from San Diego.  His wife, Lois and he are two of our dearest friends.  I worked as the admin for the two of them for several years.  They are more like family than pastor/friend.  Working for them was a joy, and in the office there was much laughter and heartfelt conversations.  It was wonderful.

Before John became Pastor John (or PJ as my daughters refer to him), he played baseball. He was a pitcher and very good at it.  He was scouted by a pro team and most likely would have gone on to the major leagues had he not had a lung collapse (ultimately loosing it) and end his baseball career. From that incident he went on to Bible college and joined the ministry.

Years ago, on a Sunday, John preached a message (a good thing to do, if it is your occupation).  His message was called, Back to the Basics.   I don’t remember the scripture reference, but I do remember he used the baseball he kept on his desk as a prop.  He recalled that, while playing ball, his coach would gather the team around him to encourage them and instruct them.  He would do this when the team was not performing up to his standards.  PJ went on to say that the coach would hold up a ball and say, “This is a baseball”.  Basic stuff.  The team all knew it was a baseball.  But, the point, was to refocus the team to the very basics of the game.  To instruct them on what the game is and how to play.

This story has stuck with me through the years.  Often we need to go back to the basics in all areas of our lives.

I have been pretty antsy and nervous this week.  I have not been in a great mood.  I have tried to pray, but feel like I might as well talk to a dead tree. I feel like my prayers are falling into the trash as I start to pray.  Not very encouraging, right?

About the middle of this week I closed myself into our guest room while dear Hubby was making several phone calls.  I didn’t want to cause distraction, so I went to another part of the house with my laptop.

I ventured onto you tube to listen to some music.  I never do this, but, I was willing to just distract myself however I could.  I stumbled onto some Christian recordings from the late 70’s early 80’s.  I enjoy this time frame, as I had just decided to commit my life to the Lord at that time and I was also a mother of a very young baby.  So, I was up a lot and listening to music a lot.

Second Chapter of Acts was a group that I loved listening to.  They quieted my spirit when I was upset and frazzled with being a mother.  They encouraged me and I always felt better after listening to their records (remember records?)  So, I was surprised to see some video on you tube of this group. They  represented the ‘basics’ to me.  Simple truths.  Long forgotten truths.  I returned to the basics especially with this song’s chorus.    Here it is:

” So why should I worry?
Why should I fret?
‘Cause I’ve got a Mansion Builder
Who ain’t through with me yet.” 

(Mansion Builder/ Second Chapter of Acts 1978)

I have played this song over and over in my mind the past couple of days.  It is truth, at least for me,  why should I worry?  I don’t need to worry or fret over my circumstances, because I know that, like I have mentioned in the past couple posts, He is in control.

Basics.  They are so very important.  They are easy truths that we neglect so often because we allow our thoughts and worries to grow into giant mountains when actually they are just another bump on the road of our life.

So, I will sign off now, singing this song in my mind (no one ever wants to hear me sing aloud… that’s too scary) and hope that your day is free of frets and worries.  Thanks for stopping by, DAF