Sitting with a Friend on a Winter’s night…

My Shugo is going to be 12 in March.  In people years, that’s 84.   He’s getting up there in age and he is beginning to show signs of aging.  He’s not the happy puppy all the time.  His little bones creak and his movements are a bit slower. Earlier this evening he looked at hubbyContinue reading “Sitting with a Friend on a Winter’s night…”

Out with the Old…

We live in a small neighborhood, there are two roads in this subdivision and there are 37 houses here.  So, when I walk the dog we walk the entire neighborhood. This morning as I walked onto the porch I could hear the wind.  I love days like this.  The neighborhood has tall pine trees, oakContinue reading “Out with the Old…”

Fake Presents…

Oh, by this title I could go in almost any direction, couldn’t I?  I could talk about all kinds of presents and the meaning behind them, but that just sounds boring and honestly, I don’t have the thoughts to carry on with that train of thought. But, there is a purpose for the name ofContinue reading “Fake Presents…”

On an Adventure…

It seems so strange to not have to write a post today and yet, all day I kept feeling like I was missing something.   This morning we took our little puppy to spend the weekend with two of his friends, Hank and Clark.  He will play and run with them while hubby and IContinue reading “On an Adventure…”

Sunday….Well for a few more minutes…. 31 Days of Observing

31 Days Observing I have observed today, that with a challenge such as I have attempted, if I do not write a post in the morning or early afternoon,  it doesn’t get written.   So, that is my observation this 27th day, and I’m sticking with it.  Have a great day!

Bitten….. 31 Days of Observing…

31 Days Observing The other evening it was perfect walking weather, nice and warm.  Hubby and I went out with the dog for our usual evening rounds.  On our way we met up with another couple from down the street.  Actually, we heard them before we saw them, as their boxer was straining at herContinue reading “Bitten….. 31 Days of Observing…”

Aging… 31 Days of Observing….

31 Days Observing  My precious puppy is approaching 12 years old.  In March, he will celebrate that milestone.  We have had him since he was 7 and half weeks old.  He is a wonderful little guy, I would say he is my favorite dog of all time.  I have had several dogs in my lifetimeContinue reading “Aging… 31 Days of Observing….”

Hidden in the Ordinary…. 31 Days of Observing….

31 Days Observing  I don’t think I have consistently written a post for longer than five days straight.  I have tried to write daily, but usually after about five days I lose momentum and it takes me a few days of not writing to start-up again.   This challenge is becoming that, a challenge. This morningContinue reading “Hidden in the Ordinary…. 31 Days of Observing….”

Up from the debris of boxes…..

Uhhh… air… not the stuffy box smell.  My head is no longer in the middle of unpacking boxes.  There are remnants of packing paper and boxes still visible but for the most part we look normal in our new house. It was an experience to say the least.  My dear hubby and I have movedContinue reading “Up from the debris of boxes…..”