Looking Back…

In November, I had great plans for writing about our Thanksgiving visit with Little Man and his folks.  I took pictures and I may still use them and write about them, but, somehow, time flew by and nothing was written. I had a wonderful holiday season.  I was so busy making memories that I didContinue reading “Looking Back…”



I am excited!  In two days, Little Miss will be here.  I cannot wait to see their car pull into the driveway, knowing who is sitting in the backseat waiting to be freed from her car seat.   I will be anxious to scoop her up and know that after a long drive her mama willContinue reading “Anticipation…”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

A week ago all the pieces were together to be moved.  One by one the back of cars were filled and delivered to the park around the corner. I stood watch and placed the decorations where I thought they should go.  My precious daughter lovingly placed the banner on the high chair.  The hat wasContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow”