Dance of the Dragonflies….

Around my home I have several objects that were gifts from friends.  Each time I see one of these, I think of the person who gave me the gift and I pray for them. I have a little angel from a high school acquaintance who came to San Diego for a conference and we met forContinue reading “Dance of the Dragonflies….”

The River…

I think with each life there is something that is a constant.  Something that is part of our lives from childhood on.  For me, it is the Allegheny River. The river runs through the center of our town.  As a child my Dad would take my sisters and I to the borough where he wasContinue reading “The River…”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

A week ago all the pieces were together to be moved.  One by one the back of cars were filled and delivered to the park around the corner. I stood watch and placed the decorations where I thought they should go.  My precious daughter lovingly placed the banner on the high chair.  The hat wasContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow”

The Lake

About a week ago I called a friend of mine in San Diego.  I called to give her our new address and phone number, since I hadn’t talked with her for a while. As I was about to begin telling her about our move, she said, are you settled?  This caused me to question howContinue reading “The Lake”

My younger sister

I am a middle child.  I love that fact.  Middle children are the most quirky of kids, in my humble opinion.  We have been known as the peace makers, we try to please everyone.  We don’t have the responsiblity that falls to the oldest and yet we are never in possession of the ‘cuteness’ factorContinue reading “My younger sister”

Mish mash… and all that other stuff

I had started this year with the goal of posting at least every other day… that lasted until, well, let’s say it was a nice idea. I have several thoughts bouncing around my head and since I have no clear thought about what I am going to write, I decided to just write, please bearContinue reading “Mish mash… and all that other stuff”

Nature was still

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw. This is today’s Daily Prompt.  At first I wasn’t going to write on it.  I have a beautiful view that I thought I actually saw each day.  But, while waiting for my coffee this morning, I stood at myContinue reading “Nature was still”