It’s that time of year, pictures of mothers are appearing everywhere on social media.   Odes to mothers, memes of mothers, personal snippets of memories of mothers, ads for things to buy for mothers.   Mothers are everywhere, like always. A day devoted to mothers is a great idea.  Personally, I don’t do much for it.   But,Continue reading “Mothers….”

Thoughts on Her Birthday…

 He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, Psalm 23:3a  (New Living Translation) I have had my blog since 2013.  In the five years writing, I have only written about this woman twice on her birthday.  I just checked to make certain. I was eleven when she died. Some years her birthday warrantsContinue reading “Thoughts on Her Birthday…”

Some days just stand out…

Today is September 27th.  September is almost over, October and the rush of the holidays will soon be upon us. But, today is a day that stands out.  49 years ago today, my Mom died.  I was 11.  It was a rainy fall morning when the alarm went off.  The kind of morning you wishContinue reading “Some days just stand out…”

In A Moment

I have often thought of writing this post, and I have often thought of not writing on this subject.  It is a conflict within me and after doing battle in my mind I lost and here I go. 46 years ago today there was a very simple moment in my life.  It was 7:28 a.m..  AContinue reading “In A Moment”