Thirty years ago….

When we think of what happened a week ago we sometimes think it was a long time ago.  Lately, my husband and I tease one another that we are lucky when we remember each other’s names let alone what happened yesterday.  It’s not that we are that old, it’s just that we sometimes just putContinue reading “Thirty years ago….”


Today is here…

Today Nana and Biggie arrive!  Nana is my dear friend and my daughter’s mother in law, making her the other grandma in our little family.  Biggie and my dear son-in-law have the same name.  When we first met them 34 years ago, we called Biggie, Big ….. and his son Little …. .  Since marrying our daughterContinue reading “Today is here…”

There’s No Place Like Home, there’s no place like home….

Daily Prompt: There’s No Place Like Home If you had the opportunity to live a nomadic life, traveling from place to place, would you do it? Do you need a home base? What makes a place “home” to you? This prompt caught my attention.  I am a retired military wife.  We have lived several placesContinue reading “There’s No Place Like Home, there’s no place like home….”


1wea·ry adjective \ˈwir-ē\ Definition of WEARY 1: exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor, or freshness 2: expressing or characteristic of weariness <a weary sign> 3: having one’s patience, tolerance, or pleasure exhausted — (Merriam-Webster dictionary) I have felt weary for the past couple weeks.  I have absolutely no reason to feel this way, I don’t think. Continue reading “Weary…”

I am a flag-waver…

You know how you have friends on Facebook that are friends only because you know them and have spent some time with them, but are more acquaintances than friends?  These are the people you schedule to only read when you want to read.  I have my Facebook page divided into sections, from people we met whileContinue reading “I am a flag-waver…”

Love Stories

Yesterday was my niece’s third wedding anniversary. She was the second of the next generation to marry. (our youngest was the first and her love story is written about here:(“; title=”Once Upon a Time”>) My niece first saw her future husband in the elevator of the building where they both worked. She referred to himContinue reading “Love Stories”

Yesterday, and then Today

Yesterday I woke up determined to get out of my funk.   I got out of bed, made coffee, juice, walked the dog, came in stripped the  bed, did laundry, made breakfast and then opened up my computer for a break. I had written a couple of notes on Sunday evening and had a reply fromContinue reading “Yesterday, and then Today”

It’s All in How You Look at It

Last week I read a post from a fellow blogger about her recent airline trip.  It was filled with humor and I enjoyed reading it.  Mostly because I was about to have my own airline trip to see my precious grandson.  I read the post last Friday and thought about it through the weekend.  My flightContinue reading “It’s All in How You Look at It”

A Day of Memories

I knew opening Facebook today that most posts would make mention of this day.  A day to remember.  A day to respect those who have given the utmost sacrifice, the families.  A day to stop and be silent for there are no words that can describe.   At least for me.  I think on this dayContinue reading “A Day of Memories”