Life Changing Adventure

This week my dear hubby and I will embark on our life changing adventure.  We will be travelling a bit and staying still a bit and sight-seeing a bit.  In between those bits we will go to a wedding and our lives will be changed in acquiring a new niece that day.  I already consider her my niece as she has dated my nephew for a long time.  She didn’t take long in finding a place in my heart as when I first met her she had her arm stuck in my sister’s stove.  Yes, you read that right.  I walked into my sister’s home to visit and there on the floor was my niece and another girl (I will call K).  Baking pans were strewn  around the bottom of the oven part of the stove (where there is a storage drawer for such things).  My niece jumped up and greeted me and then introduced the girl with her arm lodged in the storage drawer.  K looked up at me, smiled and we all started laughing.  Thus, she found her way into my heart.  It seems before I had come in, my niece and her soon to be sister in law were in the process of making brownies for my visit.  A baking pan got cock-eyed in the drawer and trying to get it unstuck , K put her arm into the mess and got stuck herself.  My niece got several of the pans out-of-the-way, but it didn’t help much.  I dropped my  bags and went over to add my two cents to the dilemma.    We managed to get K’s arm free and that was the beginning of a lovely relationship with my nephew’s girl.  This coming Saturday she will be married and become a legal part of our family.  I am so excited for this day as it has been at least six years since she had her arm stuck in the oven drawer.

After the wedding, Hubby and I are heading to Gettysburg, PA. .  We love this area and have visited there often.  My dear hubby takes tons and tons of pictures each time we visit.  Our visits are usually squeezed between other stops.  We have never had a full day there and this time we will be there for at least 3 days.  I told him he could photograph each and every monument of the battlefield down to the boots of each general memorialized.  I may live to regret that statement, but I am determined to give him this time to thoroughly enjoy this segment of the trip.

After that, we will head to my sister’s home and visit a few more days.  We will be able to talk about her son’s wedding and just catch up, as only sister’s can.  I am looking forward to sitting around her kitchen table, talking and drinking a glass or two of wine.

From there (if all goes as planned) we will head down to await the birth of our grandson and visit museums that we have long thought of going to.

This is all the itinerary I have in my mind.  All of this could change in a minute if our little baby decides to come early.  Ultimately, he is in charge of this entire trip.  We are at his beck and call.  Our cell phones are on high alert and we go nowhere without them.

I have thought of this trip so lovingly, in my mind it is laced with sweet lullabies and little flower petals drifting down from the sky in slow motion.  There is a quietness to the adventure, it is a wonderful day-dream.  Unfortunately, it is a trip, and like most trips there are frustrations and times of loud groaning and complaining.

My dear hubby could not find the brake pads he needed to replace.  He had them a week ago and couldn’t find them until this morning.  He made his frustration known.  In fact I am certain you all must have heard him complaining.   The weather has not co operated, it has been so hot that I am certain even hell must seem like a tropical resort.  Other things have popped up on the radar unexpectedly, but they are what I consider the norm in the scheme of things.

The feelings I have battled today have caused me confusion.  One on hand I have not so lovingly thought of giving my husband a flight to the wedding without the use of an airplane.  Sort of like Ralph on the Honeymooners, “Pow!  To the moon Alice…”  Only his name is not Alice and I seriously would not do this however much I am tempted…

I know, by the time we leave we will have several times of frustration and flared tempers, but I also know that once on the road, calm will prevail and eventually we will even smile at each other.

It amazes me that we look forward to vacations and journeys with such anticipation.  We plan, we dream, we make lists, we count down days.  Then it approaches and the flood gates burst open with flooding of emotions all over the place.  I often wonder why this is.  Is it because we are anxious to get going?  Is it because we really do need a rest and break and it’s not coming soon enough?  Am I the only one to experience upheaval before a trip? I certainly hope not.

One thing is certain, this adventure will change our lives.  We leave as parents and friends, we will return with new titles that will forever be with us, Grandparents.  Has a lovely ring to it, doesn’t it?

I plan to take my camera and document our trip with pictures.  It is also my hope to blog while we are gone.  I have great plans, now I just need to get them going.

Thank you for stopping by, as always, DAF


19 days to go, but who’s counting?

T-minus 8 days until my dear anonymous hubby and I will begin our trek towards the “baby-watch”.  My mind is a flurry of lists, what to do, what to clean, what to take, you get the idea.  I find I am not thinking straight (well, isn’t that normal?) .  I look at things in my house and somehow another mental list forms, complete with check boxes and bold print.  Have I written anything down yet?  Well, apart from the two lists I wrote last week, no.

I have gotten some things accomplished.  The mail will be brought in.  The plants will be watered.  Dear Anonymous Puppy will be walked, fed and loved on.  Those are the big things, whether or not the house will be immaculate is another story.  The basics are taken care of.  Dear Hubby is taking care of our car, checking and re checking to make certain there is nothing amiss.  Of course, he loves doing car maintainance, so to him, this is a normal week.

Today, I begin to get organized.  I will make appointments that need to be kept before we leave next week.  And I will write the last list of “to-do’s”.  I am excited about this, you know, my love of lists and the thrill of checking each item off.  It will be a fun, fulfilling week.  (Yes, my life is that exciting)

So, for today I am going to post this and then head to my printer where I will put together a book I have written for my grandson.  This is the second book I have written for a newborn.  The first I wrote about 5 years ago.  It was titled, “How Hudson Made  A Family”.  It was incredibly written and the stick figure illustrations were awesome.  I was proud of the end results.

This time I have written an epic novel.  If it were to ever hit the shelves it would be a miracle.  This time, I have taken my children’s fascination with the Old West and have titled this tome, “Cowboy Bud”.    They have the rough copy, as I ran out of time before their shower to put the book together.  So, since I have a week to go, I figured it is time to get it together (literally).

Our family has referred to this coming baby as “Bud”.  That will not be his name, but when all the grandparents were told of his upcoming appearance, our kids introduced him as Bud to us.  So, for the past few months we lovingly refer to him by that name, hence, the title of this story.

Cowboy Bud is in search of something dear to him.  He and his horse companion have searched for months for a loving home.  They find one and living there is Marshall Daddy and School Marm Mommy.  They welcome Cowboy Bud into their homes and take care of him and his horse.  They know they will always be taken care of and they sleep comfortably in their new home.

I know, it’s the stuff great movies are made of.   I keep waiting for the Pulitzer Prize people to show up at my door.  I think they are waiting until I finally put the pages into the book, I don’t know for certain.  Anyhow, that is my goal today.  That and make some lists.

I figure if I keep myself busy then I won’t start packing my bags and the car today.  Somehow I don’t think sitting in the car, honking for the trip to begin will make the time pass any more quickly, do you?   However, I am anxious for these next 19 days to pass quickly.  I know at this point, our little Bud can make his appearance at any time.  If I stop and think I find I cannot carry out anything as I wonder what he will look like, what his real name will be and imagining his baby smell and soft cries.  Yes, I am counting and I think I must get going, I have a suitcase that is ready to be packed.

Thanks for stopping by.  DAF

Uhh, check…

I confess, I am a list maker.  I make lists and then make lists for the lists.  It is a compulsion.  I cannot control myself.  I love writing down all that needs to be done.  I don’t really enjoy writing down all that needs to be bought.  I absolutely love to take my pen and cross off things accomplished or purchased, though.  It is a wonderful high for me.  To see a long list and then watch as the scribbles and lines go through each item.  What could be better for me?

I had been better about my addiction to lists lately.  I would only make them to go grocery shopping.  Those would be scratched out on the back of an envelope of a corner of  piece of paper.  Short lists, bread, milk, veggies, fruit.  Simple enough, most of the time they would be written, stuffed into my pocket and off I would go, never really referring to them after shoving them into my pocket.

This week I fell off the wagon.  I had a bout of sleeplessness at the beginning of the week.  My mind would not shut off.  I gave up around 3:30 a.m. and headed downstairs.  I grabbed a piece of scrap paper, and started writing.  Two columns, one ‘To Do’ and the other column, ‘To Buy’.  Fifteen minutes later I head back to bed, sighing that now my brain was clear and I could potentially sleep.  After crawling under the covers and adjusting my pillow, I close my eyes waiting to drift off to dreamland.  No such luck!  Marching in formation round two (or was it five by this time?) of list making proceeds into my conscienceness.  RATS!!!  What do I do?  I mentally form a list, complete with columns, and commit it to memory.  I eventually do fall asleep and forget about my battle of the lists.

Waking up the next day I hope the list I made during the night is not full of garbage.  To my relief it is not.  I then retrieve from memory what the second list stomped into my brain and place that on the list.  Smiling to myself, I feel I have already accomplished much.

I have made the lists to prepare to travel to D.C. for my daughter’s baby shower.  The to do part is what needs to be accomplished here at the house before I leave.  For some reason I love to make sure the house is spotless before I go on any trip.  In the back of my mind I know this is in case something should happen to me en route.  I would hate to have my family come in after my sudden and unexpected demise and find the laundry not done, or dust on my pictures.  I know, morbid thought, but what can I say?

The other part of the lists to do is a reminder of what I need to finish for the shower, this is the fun part.  Finish the favors (almost started and done…), organize snacks for trip (read:get goodies to stave off starvation between stops at fast food places), make sure decorations for shower are all in one place so nothing is forgotten (done, err, check!).

The to buy list is accomplished except for two items I cannot get until I am in D.C.. That part of the list was fun.  Nothing like shopping for a baby, especially this one.

So, now you have my confession of my addiction.  I know after this week/weekend I will start another list of what else I can do in preparation for the baby’s birth in July.  There will be more gifts to buy and more things to do before I travel up to be there for his arrival.  One thing I do know, when the list for July is completed my arms will be busy holding him.  I won’t have room for a piece of paper and pen, I will be much too busy cataloging his eyes, his fingers and his face, this will be an ongoing catalog, for it will change with each day he is alive.

So, I will close for now and try to cross off at least a half-dozen more things that are calling to me on my list(s).  Yes, I did make a list for my list this time.  I’m hopeless!

As always, DAF