Heart Connections….

Our hearts are made to love others.  I don’t understand that capacity.  We meet people and before you know it, those people are no longer separate entities, but a very part of our own lives.  That is a heart connection. This past week I have had to write to two separate friends offering some comfort in aContinue reading “Heart Connections….”

38 or 40….

Thirty eight years ago my dear hubby and I were in a wedding.  He was the best man and I was matron of honor (I was an old married woman of six months).  It was a very hot and humid day in northwestern Pennsylvania.  Being the mid 70’s the bride wore a high collared, long sleeve,Continue reading “38 or 40….”

Love Stories

Yesterday was my niece’s third wedding anniversary. She was the second of the next generation to marry. (our youngest was the first and her love story is written about here:(“https://dearanonymousfriend.wordpress.com” title=”Once Upon a Time”>) My niece first saw her future husband in the elevator of the building where they both worked. She referred to himContinue reading “Love Stories”

Accidental Planner

2013 is the 40th anniversary of my high school graduation.  Easy sentence to write, but somewhat difficult to wrap my brain around. High School, those four years that are wonderfully horrific, and too life changing for a young person.  High School, that time when friendships are made, broken and mental images of yourself are setContinue reading “Accidental Planner”