Baby Watching 2012 ~ Day 2

This will be short.  I am busy watching my baby’s baby.  He is absolutely gorgeous, all 8 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long. He coos, he squeals, he cries, and he is the proud owner of my heart.  It no longer belongs to me, it is his.  His little fingers have wrapped their wayContinue reading “Baby Watching 2012 ~ Day 2”

Baby Watch 2012 ~ Day 17 ~ 19 ~~~ And we are waiting…

When God forms an infant in our lives, He creates them with such perfection.  I know the last touches are forming and growing and I admit, I am so anxious to see that perfection. The weekend came and went.  It was filled with times of laughter and happiness.  It was a weekend with family.  ItContinue reading “Baby Watch 2012 ~ Day 17 ~ 19 ~~~ And we are waiting…”

Baby Watch 2012 ~ Day 14 ~ Day 16 ~~~ First Ladies, Pedicures and Laundry

I could get used to not having to do much.  Living in a hotel does have its perks.  I like being able to go to the lobby and get coffee any time of the day or night.  It’s always decaf and they have those wonderful little flavored creamers.  What’s not to like? Well, the otherContinue reading “Baby Watch 2012 ~ Day 14 ~ Day 16 ~~~ First Ladies, Pedicures and Laundry”

Baby Watch 2012–Day 3~Day 9–From Wedding Bells to Lightening Bugs to Sister Talks

Wow!  It seems like forever since I had a moment to sit and write.  I have thought about blogs all this week and am looking forward to blogging about them. I still haven’t downloaded any pictures (that’s next on my to do list), but when I do, I will post them. My nephew’s wedding wasContinue reading “Baby Watch 2012–Day 3~Day 9–From Wedding Bells to Lightening Bugs to Sister Talks”

Life Changing Adventure

This week my dear hubby and I will embark on our life changing adventure.  We will be travelling a bit and staying still a bit and sight-seeing a bit.  In between those bits we will go to a wedding and our lives will be changed in acquiring a new niece that day.  I already consider her myContinue reading “Life Changing Adventure”

19 days to go, but who’s counting?

T-minus 8 days until my dear anonymous hubby and I will begin our trek towards the “baby-watch”.  My mind is a flurry of lists, what to do, what to clean, what to take, you get the idea.  I find I am not thinking straight (well, isn’t that normal?) .  I look at things in my house andContinue reading “19 days to go, but who’s counting?”

Ramblings on Fathers…

Sunday is Father’s Day.  This year is a special one for our family, as we have a new father in our midst.  Granted, the baby is still a couple of weeks away in actually being here, but, nonetheless, we know he is a new Daddy. This makes my heart full.  I find it unique toContinue reading “Ramblings on Fathers…”

Gonna put my dancin shoes on…

Lately I have noticed in the blogs I follow that the writers are focusing their posts in a specific direction.  I understand this.  I think we all have an idea of what we would like to say and write when we approach the blog kingdom.  Once we arrive in this land (at least this isContinue reading “Gonna put my dancin shoes on…”

Where did all these tears come from?

According to the definition of tears is as follows: tear /tɪər/ Show Spelled[teer] Show IPA noun 1. a drop of the saline, watery fluid continually secreted by the lacrimal glands between the surface of the eye and the eyelid, serving to moisten and lubricate these parts and keep them clear of foreign particles. Synonyms:Continue reading “Where did all these tears come from?”