1wea·ry adjective \ˈwir-ē\ Definition of WEARY 1: exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor, or freshness 2: expressing or characteristic of weariness <a weary sign> 3: having one’s patience, tolerance, or pleasure exhausted — (Merriam-Webster dictionary) I have felt weary for the past couple weeks.  I have absolutely no reason to feel this way, I don’t think. Continue reading “Weary…”

38 or 40….

Thirty eight years ago my dear hubby and I were in a wedding.  He was the best man and I was matron of honor (I was an old married woman of six months).  It was a very hot and humid day in northwestern Pennsylvania.  Being the mid 70’s the bride wore a high collared, long sleeve,Continue reading “38 or 40….”

Baby Watch…. a year later…

A year ago I was planning a series of posts on Baby Watch, 2012.  I wrote about the trip up to wait the arrival of our grandson.  It was a fun time, the weather was much too hot to have fun outside, but we did manage to tour Gettysburg for three days and we didContinue reading “Baby Watch…. a year later…”

It was a flight that never ended… it went on and on my friends….

Many of you knew that I spent a week with my wonderful daughter, son-in-law and our precious grandson last week.  I had an evening flight out of BWI (Baltimore) a week ago this evening.  It was with a sad heart that I hugged my kids good-bye and kissed my little grandson.  I headed into the airport,Continue reading “It was a flight that never ended… it went on and on my friends….”

Saga (Everyone loves a neverending saga, right?)

Have you ever played on of those games where you pull one piece out and then everything crumbles and makes a mess?  It’s fun to try to keep everything up and steady, but it doesn’t always work that way. We are renters.  We rent from a lovely couple who are currently residing overseas.  They haveContinue reading “Saga (Everyone loves a neverending saga, right?)”

Ode to a Friend (Happy Birthday Susie!)

To my dear friend, Susie, happy birthday! I couldn’t find a card that expressed my thoughts or feelings and so I did not buy one.  Besides, you make such gorgeous cards that most in the store pale in comparison to your creations. My friend Susie, for those who aren’t aware, has been a lifetime friend. Continue reading “Ode to a Friend (Happy Birthday Susie!)”

Yesterday, and then Today

Yesterday I woke up determined to get out of my funk.   I got out of bed, made coffee, juice, walked the dog, came in stripped the  bed, did laundry, made breakfast and then opened up my computer for a break. I had written a couple of notes on Sunday evening and had a reply fromContinue reading “Yesterday, and then Today”

I Wish to Thank….

In November I received an award.  This award was given me by a very special blogger that I consider a friend.  She writes at:http://life-with-the-topdown.com/.  Her blog is a mixture of humor and truth and she challenges me and inspires me in so many ways. When she wrote about this award, it was sprinkled with humor andContinue reading “I Wish to Thank….”