Yesterday, and then Today

Yesterday I woke up determined to get out of my funk.   I got out of bed, made coffee, juice, walked the dog, came in stripped the  bed, did laundry, made breakfast and then opened up my computer for a break. I had written a couple of notes on Sunday evening and had a reply fromContinue reading “Yesterday, and then Today”

I Wish to Thank….

In November I received an award.  This award was given me by a very special blogger that I consider a friend.  She writes at:  Her blog is a mixture of humor and truth and she challenges me and inspires me in so many ways. When she wrote about this award, it was sprinkled with humor andContinue reading “I Wish to Thank….”

In A Moment

I have often thought of writing this post, and I have often thought of not writing on this subject.  It is a conflict within me and after doing battle in my mind I lost and here I go. 46 years ago today there was a very simple moment in my life.  It was 7:28 a.m..  AContinue reading “In A Moment”

On Leaving Buddy…

Yesterday I flew home from my week with my wonderful little grandson.  He is not named Buddy, but was called Bud while still waiting to be born.  But, there is a part of him that will always be Buddy to his family. My week was filled with so much laughter.  That much laughter should not be allowed. Continue reading “On Leaving Buddy…”

It’s All in How You Look at It

Last week I read a post from a fellow blogger about her recent airline trip.  It was filled with humor and I enjoyed reading it.  Mostly because I was about to have my own airline trip to see my precious grandson.  I read the post last Friday and thought about it through the weekend.  My flightContinue reading “It’s All in How You Look at It”

A Day of Memories

I knew opening Facebook today that most posts would make mention of this day.  A day to remember.  A day to respect those who have given the utmost sacrifice, the families.  A day to stop and be silent for there are no words that can describe.   At least for me.  I think on this dayContinue reading “A Day of Memories”

Baby Watching 2012 ~ Day 2

This will be short.  I am busy watching my baby’s baby.  He is absolutely gorgeous, all 8 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long. He coos, he squeals, he cries, and he is the proud owner of my heart.  It no longer belongs to me, it is his.  His little fingers have wrapped their wayContinue reading “Baby Watching 2012 ~ Day 2”

Baby Watch 2012 ~ Day 17 ~ 19 ~~~ And we are waiting…

When God forms an infant in our lives, He creates them with such perfection.  I know the last touches are forming and growing and I admit, I am so anxious to see that perfection. The weekend came and went.  It was filled with times of laughter and happiness.  It was a weekend with family.  ItContinue reading “Baby Watch 2012 ~ Day 17 ~ 19 ~~~ And we are waiting…”