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Written Words…….

I love opening up the reader section of my blog.  I scroll down the list of blogs I follow.  I click on each one, reading.  In between the first few words, I find it is like sharing my coffee with them.  It is like visiting with each person.  Laughing with them, crying with them, listening to them.  Each blog, different.  Each writer, unique. These people are different from the people I read on Facebook.   The people on Facebook are family, close friends.  I see them and have opinions at times.  There are running commentaries on things I see on Facebook.   Facebook people are those who I can just walk into their homes, pour my coffee and continue conversations.  Normal, familiar and expected. The people on my blog are friends.  Friends never met in person.  Friends who are as dear as those on Facebook, but also very different.  Bits and pieces of lives that have intersected mine.  A group of people who I could pass on a street and never realize that I know a bit more about them through their words. My blogging friends urge me in ways that others can’t.  They understand me through words that I write, since, they too struggle to sometimes fill a page, or at other times write things that they don’t think good enough.   I am grateful for my blogging buddies.  They inspire me to write more, to hone this craft that I want to have. This morning I have read a variety of things.  Poems that show personal ideas and ideals.  A love story, that crosses generations and is still poignant today.  Political views thatmade me laugh and go ‘huh’ at the same time. Today, I am grateful for written words.  They illuminate, inspire and challenge.  This has all reminded me of Psalm  119:105 By your words I can see where I’m going;  they throw a beam of light on my dark path. (the Message) Each word can encourage someone, can inspire someone, can lead someone to truth.  When I read, I try to see what the person really wants to say and I hope I can be smart enough to see and to listen.  Thank you to all of my blogging buddies for your words.  They make up several parts of my  day and I truly am thankful for you.   DAF

P.S.  This is the 300th post I have written, not much of an accomplishment to some I have read, but to me, it is amazing…. never thought I could get this far.  Thanks again for your support.  DAF


Something New…

Today, I did something different.   I started a Facebook page for my blog.  I thought that if anyone wants to follow the blog on Facebook, they could.  Don’t exactly know what all will appear on this page, but, this I do know.  If anyone wants to have a conversation this page allows for a personal message to be sent to me and I can keep my anonymous stature, but still receive messages.

So, if you want to be part of this experiment with me, like me on Facebook!  There is a little widget on my home page that allows you to do that.  I would love to hear from you.   If, however, this turns out to be a bust, then I will delete the Facebook page.


The idea came to me late last week and so, I thought, today, I would try it out.


Will write more soon, hope everyone is well.  DAF


The Latest!

He arrives at 4:21 p.m……

Missing my furry babies and am sore and tired…..

shopping fun with Aunt Cindy…..

Nature is breathtaking!…..

Sillies with church friends….

Bed intruder…..

Off to camp today! Have a good one…..

Waiting to Run or Dye….

Just a peek at my Facebook homepage this morning….

How is it that a laptop can hold you captive while you read these posts?  When did we get to the point where we sit on our comfy chairs and hold onto our laptops for dear life while reading what the people you know are doing?

In San Diego, we lived by a major freeway.  When there was an accident or a police chase we would go out on the deck and watch with bated breath.  We couldn’t not watch.  Facebook does the same thing to me, I can’t turn away and yet I really am not that interested.

Being tethered to the laptop is even worse on a cloudy day where you want to follow the dog’s lead and sleep.

What is even worse is that I actually wanted to blog about this.

So, now, I will finish this post.  I will close my laptop and then I am going to rejoin the real world.  I hope your day is filled with wonderful adventures.  Mine will be spent doing some chores I have wanted to do, but haven’t moved them up the list to the top since they are not crucial to our everyday life.

I know in my mind I will wonder if anyone has looked at this post.   So, if you happen to stop by, thank you, I appreciate your visits.  DAF